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Nightmist10's Binder

I've been playing MTG since it came out. I currently do not own anything older than M13 though.

Currently working on updating and upgrading my decks. Mainly focused on Izzet and Orzhov themed decks, but I have a few other decks that I'm working on as well.

I may have multiples of some of the cards in my binder, I just did not bother to count them. So just ask.

Rares and Mythics are the only rarities that I will keep regularly updated, so if you're looking for something of a lower rarity, ask and I will tell you if I have it or not.

Some cards listed might not be up for trade if they are in a current deck.

My trade binder is also the exact same as my girlfriend's samk125, so her trades may also effect the status of my binder, but we are both aware of trades, so nothing will be double-promised.

I'm not sure how the whole "Voucher" thing works, but I will negotiate trade arrangements.

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.
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