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Shadow of the Grave isn't a very good card. It requires too much setup and has very little payout. Most of the time I'm wheeling because I've played all the gas in my hand, or the hand isn't good. There is no single card in my hand that would stop me from wheeling, and if I have two of the 'best cards', then I'm not wheeling.

Candelabra and Utopia Sprawl serve vastly different purposes. Utopia is there to play an early Yidris and has the added benefit of having some synergy with Time Spiral and Frantic Search. All Candelabra would do in this deck is fix for colors--something that I don't have all that many problems with at the moment, so I have decided to exclude it. In the case of Paradoxical Outcome, both cards can be bounced to hand to draw and additional card. I'm not really sure I understand your point on this so if I've misrepresented it let me know. Also Candelabra has some very negative synergy with some key cards: Chain of Vapor and Gush. The turns that I win, I've generally sacrificed most of my lands. Sacrificing lands is bad with some of the prior mentioned cards, but with Frantic/Gush/Spiral, I would play around having/not having them. With Candelabra, I would not and it would pretty much be dead. It's also pretty bad to cascade into it.

Merchant Scroll would be in regardless of whether my meta was heavy control or not. It's a strong card--fetches 10 cards, many of which are very important: Chain, Gush, Force, Hurkyl's, Mystical, Paradoxical.

I have not changed my stance on As Foretold--it will always just be too slow. And when it actually works it just doesn't do all that much in the deck.

Top is in and out of the deck. I bounce between wanting another Signet and wanting the ability to smooth out draws I generally run it over Izzet Signet. It's nice, plays well with Doomsday, and does interesting things with Yidris trigger and Helm. The ability to look at the top three isn't as useful as many assume since I'm generally cascading for 1 or 0. It's a personal choice.

August 16, 2017 11:36 p.m.

Said on Yidris Storm...


I have considered it, and I can see it having a place over thoughtseize or one of the blasts. The reason that I don't run it over the blasts is that there is an Arcum running around in my playgroup, and the reason it isn't in over the thoughtseize is that I like the hand information that thoughtseize offers. If you're meta is heavy counterspell decks, then you should probably play it.

Ultimately, it's a meta call.

August 12, 2017 3:07 a.m.




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