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Posted on Sept. 6, 2017, 2:39 a.m. by flaminghome


Hello! You are hereby invited to my MTG exclusive discord server. When you enter the server you will defaulted to @everyone and will only be able to read, I might be asleep and if I am, this role won't change. But! Don't be alarmed and don't flee. I will make sure you are allowed to be a functioning and productive member of the server in no time! Also - I'm keeping an eye out for potential Mods so anybody interested in that, please DM me on discord

Thanks a bunch.

flaminghome says... #2

Here's a new invite link. We've got a pretty good community going and would love to see more people. :)

September 8, 2017 12:24 a.m.

flaminghome says... #3

at 30 members in less than a week, we're picking up some nice traction, so I thought I'd renew the link. The environment is very chill, The only request I have is that you stay on topic and follow the rules. There should be a channel with your interest in it, and you can always request new features! Thanks for your consideration, and come have fun

September 10, 2017 10:20 p.m.

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