Abzan snakedrive. Hapatra -1/-1 deck. Mass Snakes and Insex.

So this deck is very straightforward. -1/-1 counters matter. Give counters to all the things, get all the snakes and insects, and then blow up all the things with a -1/-1 counter. It all started when I pulled not one, but two Hapatras. Tested out a quick build and I had to flesh this thing out.

Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons & Nest of Scarabs are the engines that produce me disgusting numbers of tokens.

Festering Mummy, Banewhip Punisher, and Obelisk Spider are the other creatures that give more -1/-1s to help further my cause.

Channeler Initiate give me some ramp, and allows me to put any -1/-1 counters onto it to get more usage out of it. But more importantly it lets me splash white.

Anointed Procession I only have one copy, but this puppy does work if it gets out, doubling every snake/insect. I will likely seek out another copy. Seems like a decent 2 of.

Grind / Dust Grind lets me ping two creatures and get two snakes. But having Dust in the grave gives me a wincon. I just have to drop a counter on each creature my opponent has and then I can wipe them all out and go in with a mess of snakes.

This couples nicely with my mass -1/-1 counter players Archfiend of Ifnir and Liliana's Influence. By turn 6 I can put a counter on all of their things and hopefully have baskets of snakes and insects. Then I turn them to dust the next turn and go all-in.

The Influence lets me grab Liliana, Death Wielder who gives me more ways to add -1/-1 and the ability to snipe creatures with them.

If the snakes are not enough, then I will Overcome .

I use Prey Upon for spot removal trading a deathtouch snake for whatever evasive or broken creature they throw at me.

Running Dissenter's Deliverance for artifact removal, but more likely for the cycling trigger to use with the Archfiend. Also running three different cycling lands as well.

The mana base could probably be upgraded, but otherwise this deck sizzles and is a lot of fun to play.

In the sideboard there's crocodiles if I need bigger bodies to either be more aggro or stand up against aggro. If I need instant speed counters, Splendid Agony is real nice.


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