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This a newly revised version of my old U/R Eldrazi Midrange, it's now geared to a more aggressive approach but most of the old deck synergies are still present.

The obvious focus of the deck, all are colorless eldrazi and play off eachother.

Elder Deep-Fiend: Board-changing creature to flash in on endsteps or prior to combat.

Herald of Kozilek: The catalyst of the deck, reduces all of the creature costs to allow for swift board presence.

Vile Aggregate: Main aggro charactor, can become huge very quickly.

Ruination Guide: Pumps up everyone and can drastically change combat.

Eldrazi Skyspawner: 2-for-one, gives me a flier and a token cannon fodder.

Dimensional Infiltrator: 2-drop flier, can flash in to change combat scenarios.

The main function of the spells are to protect the eldrazi swarm and then unleash them.

Negate: Strong and cheap counter-magic, helpful agaisnt board wipes.

Dispel: Cheap, but slightly specific, counter-magic.

Brutal Expulsion: Can timewalk a big threat such as a planeswalker and do some slight creature burn.

Magmatic Chasm: The hidden gem, for 2 it allows all of my creatures get past a built-up ground-blocking wall of tokens or whatever, most likely for the kill or close too it.

The sideboard gives you options to be more flexible.

Thought-Knot Seer: A solid 4/4 with hand disruption.

Ceremonious Rejection: Powerful counter-magic for today's standard field.

Kozilek's Return: The option for taking on token decks, only re-triggered by Elder Deep-Fiend.

Void Shatter: Counter-magic agaisnt anything.

Summary Dismissal: Big card for taking on the new Emrakul, the Promised End decks or agaisnt planeswalker ults.

Galvanic Bombardment: Cheap creature burn that can get up to a 5 damage, 1-drop instant.

Tide Drifter: Helps pump my 1 toughness fliers to stay out of range of Take Down and 1-damage pingers.

Maybe-board cards are suggestions that I truely think would be better alternatives to the list I currently have, all under serious consideration.

Slip Through Space: Makes a solo creature unblockable and gets me another card.

Renegade Tactics: Can make a big butt or deathtouch creature on the opposing side useless for combat for a turn and gets me a card.

Turn Aside: Great agaisnt spot removal.

The game plan is to flood the board, protecting the army, pinging in with fliers or trample and then play Magmatic Chasm for the kill.

Number 27 on the list as of 12/5/16, thanks people!

I'm always open to suggestions so please comment below, and if you want to try this out (It is only like $75) at your local LGS, I wish you the best of luck!


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