The Pauper Playtesting Gauntlet


This is the gauntlet I subject my own Pauper brews and decks. It includes some top-tier pauper decks taken from MTGGoldfish as well as some community made decks and brews. It is my belief that all decks should have a sideboard to take on the meta but a mainboard that's generally ready for whatever brews are thrown at it. If you can beat most of these decks in playtesting you probably have a pretty solid deck on your hands. If there's ever a deck that you think should be added to this, including one of your own, then submit it to me and I'll add it right on in. I will only accept decks that are either

a) Highly original or interesting decklists that aren't necessarily super competitive but are at least capable of winning games.

b) Highly competitive decks that are tried-and-true by either you or some big-name magic player like LSV or SaffronOlive when they showcase Pauper decks.