T/O Commander Series Twitch Stream: Partners

TappedOut Commander Series


6 December 2017


TappedOut Commander Series

Twitch Stream: Partners

The time for partnered commanders has arrived! Unbeknownst to any of the Commander Series crew ahead of time, the decks all turned out surprisingly well. Thrasios and Ludevic paired up to bring a mix of powerful enchantments and spellweaving to the party. Sidar and Tymna brought together a hoard of efficient, small creatures with some card draw as a backup. Tana and Ravos swarmed the board with enough tokens to overwhelm both opponents. Who took it all down this week?

If you’re really into Commander, check out our previous videos at the TappedOut.net YouTube page!

The Commander Series streams live each Monday evening at 7:30pm MST. Don’t forget to follow the TappedOutNet Twitch page to be notified when we go live! Also, zandl is now leading the charge for the TappedOut Standard Series. Be sure to follow TappedOutNet to see it, as all of T/O’s Twitch endeavors happen there.

(Gameplay begins around the 8:00 mark.)

Decklists from the above video can be seen here:


Commander / EDH crazygnome103


Sidar Kondo & Tymna

Commander / EDH zandl


If you have an idea for a theme we can build around one week, let us know either below or on the YouTube page.
 photo heart.jpgzandl

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