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Firstly, change out the life lands for scry lands and add the bounce lands, or at least the ones with black since your deck leans towards that color so much.

Vampire Neonate isn't very good as you've got plenty of small vampires to make tokens, the two mana for the one life is too much to pay. You have 35-40 vampires to make tokens, you can take out 5-10 of them since removal is so important and the deck will function perfectly well with the little less.

This is more personal preference but I think tutors are boring but you do have the sanguine bond-exquisite blood combo so that works, maybe take out diabolic tutor since it costs to much and add the exploit tutor a card black creature which is at least on a body since you'll have so many tokens? Razaketh is also good with all the tokens

Make sure you add boardwipes, toxic deluge, vandalblast, blasphemous act and wrath of god/damnation should all work well.

August 5, 2022 5:53 p.m.


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