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Tarzanovic's Binder

I only have the cards I use in my decks. Any "Wants" are needed to complete the decks without proxies.

Last Update: 8 months ago

-2 Agent of the Fates have
-2 Akoum Hellkite have
-1 Akroan Horse have
-4 Aligned Hedron Network have
-1 Alms Beast have
-1 Altered Ego have
-1 Angelic Captain have
-1 Ankle Shanker have
-1 Arbiter of the Ideal have
-1 Archfiend of Depravity have
-3 Artisan of Forms have
-1 Barrage Tyrant have
-1 Berserkers' Onslaught have
-1 Blessed Reincarnation have
-2 Bow of Nylea have
-1 Brain in a Jar have
-1 Brood Butcher have
-1 Brutal Expulsion have
-2 Butcher of the Horde have
-1 Carnival Hellsteed have
and 196 other change(s)