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Monomanamaniac Don't feel like you pushed me at all. I love the feedback, and you didn't convince me to do anything with my deck I wasn't already considering. It's always just good to get impartial eyes on a project as a second look to see things from a different angle or perspective and look for holes that might have been missed. Advise is subjective and based on experience and environment. Mine and yours may be exactly the same but our responses won't be, that's nature.

I had been fighting with the fact that I haven't seen Godo OR Helm in about 20 games. For me, he's an over-ramp card that won't win me games, he just elevates an already winning strategy. I was better off putting my Knight of the White Orchid and Kor Cartographer back in to help burst out more mana access.

Last night, I died to mill because I couldn't block Fear rats the turn before. I had just sideboarded my Nim Deathmantle, and although I don't have it in for that, it would have given me part of an answer. This deck is pretty good at finding a suitable solutions to the majority of wincons I encounter. Sometimes that winton is just being disruptive long enough to win by poke damage.

I'm sure that this will continue to evolve slightly and as my playgroup changes, will need to be tweaked again. There's no perfect deck for all situations, but I think I've found a pretty creative balance of competitive, fun and engaging enough to replay indefinitely (for me at least).

February 23, 2021 9:25 p.m.

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Monomanamaniac Again, thanks for the feedback. I made a few changes based on your suggestions with the cards that I have. I'm still trying to make my mana more consistent, but I have 50/50 because most of my mana spending is colorless, but the few instances where I need red, it's absolutely critical.

With creature removal, I kind of thematically went with rending creatures from the battlefield through combat. Grappling hook is there for double strike, but also it's second ability creates some interesting interactions I can use if I need to.

I think at this point, a lot of the equipment list is mostly just my preference and play group. I like the wild swings of planting weird or obnoxious weaponry on the battlefield to make people want to start scrambling to remove something I threw as bait. I could definitely make this more powerful and more consistent with more money. I have to remind myself that this is still a kitchen-table MTG deck and that making this something trying to be a cEDH deck is going to get expensive and boring very quickly.

February 23, 2021 4:42 p.m.

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Hey man, thanks for the feedback on my deck. Would love any other feedback you’ve got!

February 22, 2021 5:25 p.m.

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Monomanamaniac Thanks for the feedback! Not negative at all!

Sword of War and Peace is there specifically for when I need to equip for life gain and specific red and/or white protection. I do know that it makes my enchantments fall off. I don’t think it’s a terrible sword for what it does, it just takes consideration on my part as to when and where to play it. Great advice however.

Darksteel plate is replaced by Hammer of Nazahn and Shield of Kaldra for the Worldslayer swing, but I always make sure I have some mana left in my pool to be able to drop something after the “apocalypse”.

I kept Embercleave out because of cost, and because I generally don’t have enough creatures swinging at once to discount it much. It’s a consideration, but I honestly think it’s too slow for how this plays.

The tutors would definitely make this faster, but force me to slim my equipment list more. The high amount of equipment also helps turn Sram into a slightly stronger draw engine if I get stuck.

I’ll take all the feedback you’ll give! I’m trying to dial this thing in, but I can’t justify spending much more money on it than I already have. This is my single-deck reentry into Magic for now.

February 22, 2021 5:24 p.m.

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jakeyuki12 Thanks! Ardenn is definitely one I'm looking out for to pick up in the future. I have Brass Squire sideboarded. Most of my stuff is pretty cheap to equip, and by the time I need to move it around, usually I have one of my other cheats to do it. Brass Squire is situational, and is too unreliable to lean on as a consistent engine. I kept the combat keyword count high, which means any of several pieces can be used to keyword, buff and protect a creature (Preferably Wyleth) into a big swing.

February 19, 2021 1:33 a.m.


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