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IcyLightning's Binder

Please Read

  • Listed are Rares/Mythics/ and any Foils. Far from being all of what I have, these are just the cards I have sitting in a binder.

  • Cards listed for the most part from correct set, a few may be wrong just because of Tappedout updating.

  • All Cards, unless specifically stated otherwise, are NM/ M. Most of these cards went from the pack to sleeve to binder, so they're in good condition.

  • Looking for Trades, would consider selling, but not willing to go below TCG Mid.

  • Will use and expect tracking on anything over $10

  • Live in USA, so not looking to trade overseas, sorry but too much hassle.

-I have a lot of random trash rare/ uncommon/ even common wants for random budget decks, and would love to trade in mass for them.

  • I do have an odd assortment of commons/uncommons from Revised through Onslaught or so, all in pretty good condition if you're interested in that.

Thanks for taking a look.