If a creature enter the battlefield at the beginning of my upkeep, does its beginning of upkeep triggers ?

Asked by Clockzarb 3 months ago

I have Call to the Kindred on the battlefield attached to a wizard creature.

During my upkeep, Call to the Kindred triggers and I find a Damia, Sage of Stone and put it into play.

Does Damia, Sage of Stone 's ability triggers, since I'm still during my upkeep ?

Delphen7 says... Accepted answer #1

It does not trigger. When the opponent passes turn, you untap, then once that is done, you then go to the upkeep step. All effects that have "At the beginning of your upkeep" then go onto the stack. You choose the order they resolve in, but it's no longer the beginning of your upkeep once they start to resolve it's more of the middle. So anything new that comes onto the field, like Damia, will not trigger since its the "middle" of the upkeep phase.

As a side note this is also why you cannot use Leyline of Anticipation to flash something onto the field and have it's upkeep ability trigger since its the "middle" of the upkeep by the time you are able to respond to these abilities.

February 23, 2021 4:03 p.m.

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