How does Sylvan Library and sedge work?

Asked by Husky 5 years ago

Say that I have a Sylvan Library and two cards that can dredge in my graveyard. Am I able to draw my first card for turn and then on the second and third draws dredge without having to put any cards back if I don't want to pay the four life? What if I only have one dredge card in my graveyard?

merrowMania says... Accepted answer #1

Sylvan Library makes you put back two cards that you have drawn this turn. Dredge replaces those draws, so you won't have to pay any life to keep the cards you did not draw. If you only dredge once, you will be force to put back or pay life for the other two cards that were not dredged.

April 6, 2016 11:31 p.m.

Epochalyptik says... #2

Remember to check the Gatherer rulings before posting a question. Gatherer rulings include FAQs and other relevant clarifications that answer most questions typically asked about specific cards.

9/16/2007: If you choose to draw two cards, then replace one or more of those draws with some other effect, the rest of Sylvan Library's ability still happens. If you've actually drawn only one card that turn, you must choose that card and either pay 4 life or put it on top of your library. If you haven't actually drawn any cards that turn, the rest of the ability has no effect.

April 7, 2016 9 a.m.

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