Does "infinite turns" counts toward the last 5 turns of a match?

Asked by jethstriker 4 years ago

Quite recently I had a chance to watch my friend in a LGS modern tourney. The match was U-Tron (my friend) vs Dredge. The round reached to time in game three. In the 4th turn of the extra 5 turns, my friend managed to assemble the Mindslaver - Academy Ruins infinite turn lock and asked for a concession. The Dredge player then replied that they play it out and demanded that the match is a draw because the extra turns created will be counted in the last 5 turns, and since he can't win with one extra turn, he said the match is a draw. I'm not sure why he did it but my friend just accepted what his opponent said and didn't called a judge. Had they called a judge, what would be the ruling here?

BlueScope says... Accepted answer #1

Each turn counts towards the extra 5 turns that are taken after time is called, regardless who takes those turns (so Time Warps would count towards the five turn clock, even if it causes a player to take every single turn of the five), meaning your friend's opponent was correct.
Noteably in this case, noone is even taking extra turns, just the control over the regular turn is taken, so there shouldn't be any confusion whatsoever.

To be a little picky, though - the match isn't necessarily a draw, because any player at that point could still concede to the other, so the statement of "you can't win in one turn, so the match is necessarily a draw" is not correct.

What the Judge's ruling would have been, noone can answer ;)

December 22, 2016 4:59 a.m.

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