Do creatures that ETB with +1/+1 counters count as having increased power and toughness for the use of Evolve?

Asked by RoyLancaster 5 years ago

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Say I have a Master Biomancer and a Cloudfin Raptor on the field. The Cloudfin Raptor is already a 5/6. I play a Corpsejack Menace. Due to the Master Biomancer, the Corpsejack Menace comes in as a 6/6. Does this trigger the Cloudfin Raptor to evolve again, due to the new power of the Corpsejack Menace being 6? Or does the Cloudfin Raptor stay as a 5/6 because the Corpsejack Menace card states that it has a power and toughness both lower than the Cloudfin Raptor's?

Secondary, less important, follow-up question:

Assuming that, in the above scenario, the Corpsejack Menace does indeed evolve the Cloudfin Raptor, would the Corpsejack Menace's ability start before or after the Cloudfin Raptor's evolve triggering? Essentially, if the Cloudfin Raptor evolves, would it become a 6/7 or a 7/8, the latter due to the Corpsejack Menace's ability being in play before the evolve mechanic occurs?

JewsStoleMyName says... Accepted answer #1

For the first question, as far as I know based off how evolve and Master Biomancer are worded, the creature enters the battlefield with the +1/+1 counters on it, then evolve checks that the power or toughness of Corpsejack Menace are higher than the power/toughness of Cloudfin Raptor . So it would trigger evolve.

And for the second, your answer is here:

It's something I had to look up for myself recently.

June 23, 2014 4:44 a.m.

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