Can Saga cards that are no longer enchantments still trigger?

Asked by Yesterday 1 month ago

I was playing on Arena and had my Reezug, the Bonecobbler reanimate a Sheoldred  Flip.

I then foolishly activated Sheoldred's ability to exile itself and return transformed as an artifact with lore abilities, which didn't put any counters on itself because it wasn't a Saga. So it didn't do anything.

Now, I'm not 100% on this following part. Arena normally greys out text that isn't currently applicable to the permanent it's printed on. For example, a Sheoldred that is an artifact and not a creature has its creature stat line greyed out. I think it also has its menace ability greyed out. And I think that the backside of the card did not have its lore abilities greyed out, implying that they would still work if they were triggered somehow. I think.

Regardless, my question is, would that nonenchantment artifact The True Scriptures  Flip (perpetualised or otherwise) trigger its abilities if a lore counter were put onto it via Nesting Grounds or somethibg like that?

Neotrup says... Accepted answer #1

The True Scriptures  Flip will still have all its abilities, meaning they will trigger when lore counters are added. No longer being an enchantment does mean its no longer a saga, so it doesn't enter with counters and does not get a counter during your precombat main phase, which is the issue you ran into, but the abilities are still there.

June 4, 2024 11:08 a.m.

Yesterday says... #2


June 4, 2024 11:36 a.m.

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