Can I block with a Selfless Squire without it taking damage?

Asked by treasureberry 2 years ago

My opponent attacked with a 2/2 wolf and a 6/6 Managorger Hydra , which was equipped with a Umezawa's Jitte with no counters on it, while I had no untapped creatures on board. Before the declare blockers step, I cast a Selfless Squire , triggering Managorger Hydra 's ability and making it a 7/7. The Selfless Squire resolves and its triggered ability is put on to the stack and resolves, and I assume at this point the second ability triggers (not at damage step), putting nine +1/+1 counters onto the Selfless Squire (two from the Wolf and seven from the Hydra). At this point, I block a 7/7 Managorger Hydra with a 10/10 Selfless Squire . Does the Managorger Hydra deal seven damage to the Selfless Squire and trigger Umezawa's Jitte or deal no damage at all?

Whoa whoa whoa, the Squire only prevents damage dealt to you. The only way to get those nine +1/+1 counters would be to declare no blockers, take it all and be left with a 10/10. In this case, since the Hydra did no damage, the Jitte could not get any counters.

If you wanted to block, though, you'd have to play the Squire and block before any damage was dealt, meaning at that point it would still be a 1/1.

June 19, 2018 10:37 p.m.

420Liliana69 says... #2

thats...not how it works at all. sorry man. the first ability of Selfless Squire triggers during the damage step, which is after the declare blockers step. so you would choose not to block, the squire would prevent the 9 damage, and it would gain 9 counters. then unless something else gets cast/activated/triggered, combat is over.

June 19, 2018 10:39 p.m.

FancyTuesday says... Accepted answer #3

In order for the counters to be put on Selfless Squire damage must be prevented. Squire's first triggered ability prevents damage dealt to you. If combat damage has been dealt to you, you're past the declare blockers step and are in the combat damage step. So no, you cannot block their creature with a 10/10 Squire.

Umezawa's Jitte triggers when a creature deals combat damage. If you block the Managorger Hydra with Selfless Squire the Squire will die from combat damage and the Jitte will get two charge counters. If you let the Hydra through unblocked the damage is prevented and Jitte does not trigger.

June 19, 2018 10:40 p.m.

treasureberry says... #4

Thanks everyone for clearing that up, there were a lot of unknown variables I didn't know.

June 20, 2018 11:10 p.m.

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