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Posted on April 6, 2021, 6:49 p.m. by Jazzpah

Ok, self-mill needs to be a hub. All my decks are self-mill do I belong nowhere?

ohgeezgames says... #2

Let's get this Hub started, and you always belong. #self-mill

April 6, 2021 7:19 p.m.

enpc says... #3

I mean reanimator already exists as a hub. And I think that 'graveyard' would be a more useful hub than 'self-mill' specifically. That way you're capturing cards like Intuition , Entomb , Buried Alive , all that jazz under the one hub. Self-mill implies using cards like Stitcher's Supplier , however there are plenty more ways to fill a graveyard than just these.

April 6, 2021 7:57 p.m.

ohgeezgames says... #4

In addition to enpc's comment, there is already a "Mill" Hub so maybe your decks belong there, and self-mill might be too granular.

April 6, 2021 9:11 p.m. Edited.

Femme_Fatale says... #5

We have a stickied forum for hubs, so go suggest it there. But yes, I agree that self-mill should be a hub. There's plenty of Lab-Man effects that people love building around and "graveyard" I feel is too generic.

April 7, 2021 2:19 a.m.

Jazzpah says... #6

When I clicked on the add hub thread during deck building I got reffered to here, so I am a bit confused as to how it works.

All good comments, though. However both mill and graveyard would imply the enemy graveyard as well, so I am not too fond of that. Personally, I'd rather lose by self-milling than win by milling the opponent (no hate).

Also I would argue dredge is a form of self-milling, so personally I think self-mill would actually be a better hub than dredge!

April 7, 2021 10:50 a.m.

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