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Posted on July 1, 2024, 11:39 p.m. by Femme_Fatale

Draft Bots

As a few of you who have been using our Draft Sim have probably noticed, we have updated the draft bots on our site to have some smart drafting! No longer will you have 7 bots picking only the first card in the pack resulting in 5 colour goodstuffs for everyone.

These bots are however still quite rudimentary, here's a breakdown of how they work at the moment.

  • Pick the card with the lowest draft pick rate.
  • Subtract 0.3 to the draft pick rate for each card in the pool that shares a colour with it. Cards with a cmc of 3 or lower that produce mana are also treated in the same way if the mana produced share colours with the cards in the pool.
  • Subtract 0.15 to the draft pick rate of colourless cards that don't produce mana or produce colourless mana for each card in your pool.
  • After the fifth card picked of the first pack, add 3 to the draft pick rate of any card that shares a colour with the 2 least common colours amongst your pool.
  • If a card doesn't have a pick rate, it'll have a value assigned to it by its rarity. 15 for common, 10 for uncommon, 5 for rare and 3 for mythic.

Pick Rates

"You mentioned pick rates in the draft bot breakdown ... But what's the pick rate of a card, I don't see it while drafting?"
I'm glad you asked! You see, pick rates on tappedout only show for cards if we have enough eligible data from drafts containing that card. For data to be eligible, it must contain at least 2 human players doing the draft. You can see pick rates on some older sets, mostly prior to 2021. They'll appear underneath the cards you can pick during the draft sim.

And this brings me to ask the community here for some help: Please do some draft sims with your friends so we can fill the nearly 4 years of missing draft pick rate data. This also applies to cubes as well! If you have a cube that you want it's own pick data, get your friends in on a few drafts.

Image Popovers

This is an update on a update to the image popovers a month ago. You now have additional options regarding this in your profile settings.

These settings will let you change how this image popover functions, and also how the image links function. In getting feedback and my own personal testing, the change of behavior with image popovers to make them stay when you hover the mouse over them for the add card button to work, it was found that it was quite annoying when trying to read through lists of cards. Thus some changes were necessary.

  • First, an option to return to the original behavior.
  • Second, when the add card button is enabled you'll be able to close it by left-clicking on it. This retains right click functionality while letting you navigate with one hand instead of having to press escape to close it. Escape does still close if you preferred that.
  • Third, a new option that replaces url redirecting when you click a card link to bring up a modal pop-up. This was an alternative option that was thought of when trying to figure out solutions of the intrusiveness of pop-overs not auto closing. This being an option means you can have any mixture of both worlds.

Further, the set pages popovers have been changed to follow the rest of the site's to make this functionality work.

New Symbols Too

, , , , , ,

[[symbol:saga-5]], [[symbol:saga-6]], [[symbol:PBG]], [[symbol:PBR]], [[symbol:PUB]], [[symbol:battle5]], [[symbol:battle20]]

The colourless/colour hybrid symbols are still in the pipeline.

Feedback Wanted!

Let us know your opinions on these things, and if you have any suggestions for improvement! The replacement modal has a lot of space for new stuff that can be put there and more definition of the draft bots would greatly help them.

C5r1a5z0y says... #2

Why is the top phyrexian symbol larger than the bottom one in the hybrid mana symbols?

July 2, 2024 7:52 a.m.

Femme_Fatale says... #3

That's just how they come from the library we use.

July 2, 2024 5:53 p.m.

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