Juleokin Format 2.0 w/Banlist & Limited Restrictions!

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Posted on Jan. 12, 2021, 11:14 p.m. by juliusthejules

Remember the Juleokin Format, the one that was broken from the start? Well, now it's back and with a more fair, balanced, competitive and even fast game play! I know some sanctioned formats are already fast, but I made my Custom one, Juleokin Format, the fastest!

There are only minor restrictions on gameplay, but with a ban list of card abilities (that both the ban list and restrictions impact the game in a big way)!

Full rules, since I cannot hyperlink it:

Juleokin Format-Magic: The Gathering Julius the Jules

Copyright © 2020 Julius the Jules


To play a spell’s Mana cost, all you need is to have the right amount of Basic Lands. You won’t need to tap Lands for Mana(unless as an ability or it has a tap symbol), as all Basic Lands that produce Mana cover the costs just for being on the field(as long as they are the right color).


  • If an ability could be played infinitely, such as Nightwing Shade or Flame Spirit, they may only use 1 Basic Land for each use.

  • In that case, the amount of times said ability can be played is equal to one Basic Land of the appropriate color and said Basic Land may not be used more than once in that case. (Ex: If you have only 1 Mountain on the Battlefield and you want to use Flame Spirit's ability, Flame Spirit's ability may only be played once, or if you have two mountains on the Battlefield, you may only play Flame Spirit's ability twice, until end of turn for any case of course. And to use a numerical Mana Cost (such as Nightwing Shade's 1 B , you may only use one Land each of any color for numerical costs each time you use that ability [ex: If you only have 1 swamp and only 1 of any color, you may only use Nightwing Shade's ability once, or if you have 2 swamps and 2 mana of any color, you may only use Nightwing Shade's ability twice, until end of turn in any case.)


Numerical damage from Attacks or spell abilities that are directed at Life are instead dealt to the Library, rather than Life, thus this is a Life-Decking format. The Library is both your deck and amount of Life. To deal damage or loss of life to the Life-Library, put the numerical amount of damage or loss of life from the top of the Life-Library into your Graveyard. Between now and when this format becomes a sanctioned format, all decks must contain exactly 60 cards(no more and no less).

Banned Cards:

  • Cards with the ability to gain life.

  • Cards with the ability to reanimate.

  • Cards with the ability to mill.

  • Cards with ante (ante cards).

  • Cards with the ability to reset Life or to Reset/Shuffle the Graveyard, Exiled or any other zone back to the Library.


To win, you must still have cards in your Life-Library when your opponent cannot draw on their next turn because they ran out of cards from their Life-Library (you win), otherwise you lose when you cannot draw on your next turn because you ran out of cards from your Life-Library (you lose). Also, all special winning conditions from spell abilities still apply (such as poison counters), as long as they adhere to the Juleokin Format rules.

Everything Else

Every other rule that isn’t changed by the Juleokin Format stays the same as all similar tournament formats. This Format is meant to be competitive, even though it is currently considered as Casual, or for a better term, an unsanctioned format.

Caerwyn says... #2

You should add Shahrazad, the Dexterity cards (things like Chaos Orb that involve throwing or otherwise moving cards), and cards Wizards has deemed culturally insensitive to the banned list. Shahrazad is banned in every format as it leads to unfun, long play environments. Dexterity cards exclude people with some physical disabilities. The final category is to be banned in all formats at Wizards’ direction.

January 12, 2021 11:29 p.m. Edited.

juliusthejules says... #3

Thank you for that. I can't believe I forgot all about those cards... All of the ones you mentioned.

January 13, 2021 2:27 a.m.

aholder7 says... #4

Okay so I believe I mentioned this last time you brought up the format but I don’t recall the answer. How do you deal with non-land sources of mana or non-basic lands. Your rules say you CAN pay for mana with basics existing but is it possible to still tap a non basic for mana to pay a cost? For example if I have a swamp and a Volcanic Island on the battlefield. Can I play a Doom Blade by tapping my non basic for 1 and using my swamp for the other portion? Theoretical reasons for this could include ramping with artifacts or fetching for a dual land to get 2 off colors.

Also your van list includes things shuffling the grave into the library. Is my assumption correct that you also intend to ban cards like Conjurer's Bauble?

You mention “cards with the ability to mill” are banned and that all damage to self is mill. Is your ban inclusive of cards that deal damage to self/opponents since that will mill? I assume not and you intend that to be cards with the mill keyword. But there are also cards with this same style effect not key worded as mill such as Mulch. And cards that exile from library such as Salvage Drone. May be a good idea to be clear about what you plan on excluding.

You also exclude abilities that can “reanimate”. I took that to mean putting a creature onto the battlefield from grave. But this is not a keyword and you’ll have to be specific. There’s also cards like Living End which will likely get around any wording for Reanimation. I also didn’t take your wording to mean banning of cards that return cards to hand. I also saw nothing stopping someone from using Snapcaster Mage on non-creatures in grave which I’m unsure if that was intentional or not. You could make the rule a bit more all encompassing by changing the rule to something like Grafdigger's Cage.

I also built a deck to test this format assuming you can use fast mana. this deck 100% wins turn 1 if you get a mountain in the opening 7 and the opponent doesn’t have Force of Will. You can still win turn 1 if you have to mulligan to less than 7 I was just too lazy to check how the math works out with less than 7. All you need to do is cantrip through 24 cards, play and crack the lotus then grapeshot twice for lethal. The cantrips don’t need to be red I just did it because it matched the grape shots. The deck can also be built with more than 3 mountains that is more consistent and doesn’t lower its chance as much in a mulligan but it technically leaves open the chance of whiffing the combo on turn 1 and I thought it made a better point to demonstrate things this way. Also note this deck is not even remotely optimized. It could be made far more efficient and sleek with time and testing.

Deck Jok test

My list is just an example of how I believe the format will play out. Storm-like decks and decks mulling to make sure they open with a Force of Will. If you see a reason it won’t end up like this feel free to point out anything I missed. But I think you need to find a way to limit people in some way.

January 13, 2021 1:51 p.m.

aholder7 says... #5

Referenced the wrong card. I didn’t mean Grafdigger's Cage I meant Silent Gravestone. Technically living end effects still would work but you get the idea.

January 13, 2021 1:56 p.m.

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