Synergy Combo Discovered: Curse of Vilis' Wisdom

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Posted on Sept. 7, 2019, 3:37 p.m. by TypicalTimmy

If you are within the sphere of Dimir (Esper, Sultai, Dimir, 5c, whatever) and you want to draw your entire library in one fell swing with just two cards, you can with these:

By enchanting yourself, once you draw a card you will both lose 2 life and gain 2 life. Since this happens at the same time, you will never lose the game. However, with each 2 life you have lost, you are going to draw 2 more cards off of Vilis. Because of this, you exponentiate the cards you draw.

  • Draw 1 card; Lose 2 life (Gain it back, also)
  • Draw 2 cards; Lose 4 life
  • Draw 4 cards; Lose 8 life
  • Draw 8 cards; Lose 16 life

Now, you might be wondering: "Timmy, isn't this just going to draw me out of the game?"

Yes. That's why we put this in Dimir or within a shard / wedge that contains Dimir's colors.

Additionally, you can use Platinum Angel to stay in the game.

Alternatively, once you have drawn enough cards to your heart's content (Perhaps once you find a Reliquary Tower or a Thought Vessel ), you can kill Vilis at instant speed to break the combo. Additionally you may blow up Fool's Wisdom if you have an Instant speed Enchantment removal spell, allowing you to keep your big 8/8 flyer around. Perhaps Utter End if you are in Esper?

What you do with this is now up to you :)

SynergyBuild says... #2

Yeah this was brought up since it was spoiled. Even the Command Zone brought it up xD

You didn't discover this, sorry!

September 7, 2019 3:46 p.m.

TypicalTimmy says... #3

:( Well I tried XD

September 7, 2019 4:12 p.m.

SynergyBuild says... #4


September 7, 2019 4:23 p.m.

Vilis has tons of great synergies imo though. I kind of feel like he's being underlooked at the moment. I think people are picking up on him, but for a little while you could scoop him up for $0.50.

Some of my favorite things with him are things like Psychosis Crawler or Horizon Chimera .

Also a big fan of how he interacts with Lich's Mastery .

He's a great card that can do a lot of crazy things imo.

September 8, 2019 10:02 a.m.

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