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Posted on Aug. 2, 2021, 12:59 a.m. by DrukenReaps

So a few days ago I revealed my addiction to Rakdos. Today I tell you that I, despite my bio on here... don't have a color or color combination I genuinely dislike. I have my least liked ones but I've played and enjoyed everything to some degree in some format or another. Certain things I don't like such as counterspells (He says after changing his colorless deck to Kozilek, the Great Distortion ...). If I look at it from a flavor perspective I do like the villainous sorts more than the goodly types. So that could play into my liking less than other combinations. I still enjoy playing those colors though.

So are there any colors or color combinations you dislike? Are there any that by coincidence you simply haven't played or play very rarely?

Basically any combinations including . It works if the deck as a whole doesn't feel very (Archelos Landfall, Koma Timmy), but I really can't get myself to playing a philosophically blue deck that actually is blue. On the other hand, my Seasons Past deck feels pretty blue, but isn't at all. That's fine for me.

August 2, 2021 1:06 a.m.

Profet93 says... #3


Boros = Gross (griffstick is gonna hate me for that). No draw aside from wheels and random equipment synergies. No ramp, barely any tutors aside from equipments and auras/enchantments. No commanders that fit my playstyle. Its like Michael Kelso and Laurie Foreman from the That 70s Show had a baby, Boros would be the offspring. As in, put it on the trampoline spring and let that garbage fly out of Here. Daedlaus has a great avacyn deck that puts in some serious work (somehow), but Boros in general makes me want to target them last. The one good thing I enjoy is Sunforger + Lapse of Certainty.

I also dislike white. Ew.... No Wheels or damage like red. Sure you get LD (like red) but most play groups are so anti-LD you can't even use it. Exile is very helpful and they have printed more support for draw and ramp in the past years. But any time I see a mono white general, I consider them less of a threat.

August 2, 2021 1:46 a.m.

Raknulfr says... #4

I´ll pretty much go with what seshiro_of_the_orochi said.

If it is really typical-blue-control-heavy stuff, it feels like someone is just playing singleplayer magic with others watching until >>THAT ONE<< decides they are now done playing with the 'now I win' statement.

I like playing magic for interaction and seeing how players throw stuff at each other but then you get people just saying 'nah' to anything fun.

Of course, control type decks have some charm too but that is gone when people get locked out of the game.

August 2, 2021 3:38 a.m.

plakjekaas says... #5

I prefer monocolors over combinations. The more colors I include, the more it usually distracts from my game plan's focus.

I love being the Boros/White underdog, and mostly dislike playing the blue/black control game. Especially in Commander I love playing on the board, proactively pumping out threats for the table to deal with. Those are mostly Naya goals, although I do enjoy the Aristocrats aspect black brings to the table.

Blue is less favorite (which seems to be a trend in here :P). I know it's probably the best color in Magic, but I don't care for being the best, I mostly just want to have fun, and I usually have a hard time brewing decks I'd enjoy with a focus on blue. I have them, but when I'm browsing through my bag for a new deck for a new game, I never pick the blue ones first.

August 2, 2021 6:51 a.m.

Oddly enough my answer is the same here as it was for my favorite color: White. God, I fucking hate white--but I hate more that I can't seem to stop building decks with it...

August 2, 2021 9:22 a.m.

griffstick says... #7

, Hate playing it. Hate building it too. Hate reading the cards in as well. It's not for me.

I remember seeing a YouTube episode of edhrec cast talk about the most popular color combinations (recorded before strixhaven cmdr) and they had as the least favorite color combination according to their data. They also had at #1. Ironically my least favorite. I think today is #1 on edhrec because of the sweet cmdrs and cards we got from strixhaven

August 2, 2021 9:29 a.m.

1empyrean says... #8

I can't connect with .

August 2, 2021 9:31 a.m.

passimo says... #9

Don't really like a lot all enemy colors combination, apart from Orzhov and Golgari, but my least favorite (I don't hate it but I find it completely useless) isn't among them and would be Selesnya. Seriously, what does do? Play tokens and that's it? (Obviously only my opinion, to the Selesnya lovers out there). Also find it too naive, flavor-wise. Maybe it's because my favorite mana is

August 2, 2021 9:52 a.m.

Last_Laugh says... #10

is my least favorite to play.

is probably my least favorite to play against.

August 2, 2021 11:36 a.m.

griffstick says... #11

passimo, on that episode I watched they had as the 2nd least favorite right above . If my memory is correct.

August 2, 2021 1:59 p.m.

I don’t find my self playing a lot of in the decks that I build. I don’t actively dislike it, and white definitely has some cool stuff, but I guess I just don’t find it quite as appealing as opposed to other colors

August 2, 2021 2:11 p.m.

Yisan says... #13

All combinations involving blue except for temur

August 2, 2021 3:50 p.m.

RambIe says... #14

is my least favorite
Nothing wrong with esper, I just don't have fun playing it

August 2, 2021 4:33 p.m.

libraryjoy says... #15

passimo. Interestingly enough, I can't seem to play black at all - I struggle so much with the balance of sacrifice for gain. I don't want to give up my things. ANY of my things. So pretty much none of the decks I play that aren't 5 color include black. And what is my favorite color combo? I have Elf decks, wolf decks, a goodstuff token deck, a deck that is filled with creature lords like Veteran Warleader , a lifegain deck, and a unicorn deck that has no tokens at all. I at one point had a GW Assault Formation infinite combo deck that has since been retired due to unpopularity in my playgroup. I do think you're on to something, though, with the disconnect between black and Selesnya!

August 2, 2021 5:25 p.m.

Gleeock says... #16

  1. splash. A dull color to me
August 2, 2021 9:05 p.m.

passimo says... #17

libraryjoy wow your comment is really insightful. It seems your decks are aggro, or very creature based. Probably what I like of black is that creatures aren't often used to win the usual way. For example, I really like wireless damage, as Gempalm Polluter in my zombie control pauper deck (I love tribal too, but as I said I don't like just buff-and-attack) or (working on it since it came out) Malakir Blood-Priest . Oppositely from you, I find joy in wiping MY board; I have an entire deck here on tappedout based on swarming goblin, only to sacrifice them to play Eldrazi.

What I'm saying with all of this is that I love the fact that I found someone with my opposite tastes in mtg strategies =). It's always good to see the other side of the medal.

Also, on a same note, yesterday I forgot to mention that I hate playing against (while I don't dislike the combination itself), because you can make the best, convoluted strategies, but gruul plays 4/4s paying cmc 3, and beats you with that (which is very on guild flavor, "Hulk smash" and all of that). The same problem I have with selesnya applies here. (After all what does Gruul do from my worldview? Play 4/4s and that's it). And while Gruul isn't black enemy combination, I feel its strategy is completely opposite from what black represents. So yeah, could be a player thing.

August 3, 2021 2:59 a.m.

Last_Laugh says... #18

To elaborate on my previous post (post #10), I dislike playing purely because I don't like a single commander or its strategy.

I dislike playing against just because the color combination has access to answers for everything, the best draw, crazy combos, and can just be miserable to play against.

I'm very 'build-around' with my Commander choices and currently run Animar combo (Animar, Gaea's Hemorrhoid), Grixis Marchesa etb/death trigger abuse... which is my favorite by far (Got 99 Upvotes And A Bitch Ain't One - Marchesa), and my 'fair' Sidar/Tymna hatebears (Unblockabear Post-Block Pumps - Tymna/Sidar). Narset, Muldrotha, Edgar, Ghave, Reyhan/Ishai, Captain Sisay are others that I've run in the past. I like versatility in my Commander, lots of viable cards/strategies, and synergy in my 99.

August 3, 2021 3:44 a.m.

libraryjoy says... #19

passimo Yes! I was strangely excited to meet my opposite - it feels very validating somehow. I do definitely prefer more creature-based strategies, although mine feel more mid-range-ish because I tend to play multiplayer casual. I do play other strategies, but have to reach into other colors for them. I recently built this lifegain/non-combat damage deck by going . Poke, poke, poke - Budget Casual (there is a tiny bit of 5-color in the deck, but only because I had those cards and just wanted to toss them in.) The other interesting deck I've built that uses indirect damage is actually : Swift but Deadly - Ultrabudget $20 Archer Tribal. It uses Falkenrath Exterminator , Jagged-Scar Archers , et al to deal damage to creatures and Greatbow Doyen to deal damage to their controllers at the same time. Still creature-based, but not aggro or beatdown. It's very vulnerable to board-wipe, but those are pretty uncommon in my playgroup, and I try to keep the power level a bit low on my decks so I don't squish everyone (I play against beginners and teens, as well as more experienced players, and we all live in a lower income rural area. I intentionally build some fragility in. I could be more ruthless if I wanted to, but why when we're just playing for fun on Sunday evening? Plus I keep my decks super budget. I don't have tons of $$ to drop, nor do my friends.) So there's space to build there, but I see where you're coming from. Black is definitely more adept there with direct loss of life and the antithesis of what I usually prefer to play. So cheers to you and your zombie army of death! We salute you from across the field.

August 3, 2021 1:28 p.m.

Gleeock says... #20

Profet93 the issue with the social contract regarding MLD & cutting off one of the better resource punishers in the game could be a massive & contentious topic in and of itself.

August 3, 2021 8:23 p.m.

Profet93 says... #21


I would say is a contentious topic, not could be. I think we are saying the same thing

August 3, 2021 8:40 p.m.

Gleeock says... #22

Yeah, I meant could - if that was the posted topic :). Avoiding usurping the main topic on this post is all.

August 4, 2021 8:15 a.m.

GrimlockVIII says... #23

Can't say for certain, but Im growing less and less fond of Green as of late for the simple fact that it does too much. Deck brewing anything with Green gets boring cuz I always find myself including the same ramp spells, the same mana dorks, the same draw spells, etc. It just ends up turning into Green Goodstuff.dek. Unless there's a commander that explicitly promotes a unique playstyle in Green like Experiment Kraj or Gor Muldrak, Amphinologist , I tend to steer clear from the color for my own sanity's sake.

I also just don't like Elves aesthetically all that much. They all look too samey to me.

August 4, 2021 9:19 a.m.

Personally I dislike Red. I'm not 100% sure why, I assume it's because I'm a very anti-aggro player. I enjoy longer games that allow for everyone to do fun things. It's weird because a lot of my decks are inherently aggro, even though I play them slow.

August 18, 2021 1:16 p.m.

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