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Posted on Jan. 24, 2023, 10:23 a.m. by roundtree0050

Scarab god tokens

Good morning everyone! I have been working on this deck for some time and I play commander with a very high skill/deck quality play group. Some of the guys that have played modern for decades have been giving me help, but I try not to be too annoying.

It is a scarab god deck that is designed for solid commander protection while generating as many tokens as possible. It started as the Dimir zombie precon, as I had been out of magic for 10 or so years and all my old decks have been lost to the winds.

I made some huge changes based on recommendations and cards I am not super familiar with but find myself in a pickle with what 11 cards have got to go.

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!

(edit- I haven't overhauled the mana base yet, so excuse the random variety of lands)

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