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Posted on Sept. 26, 2019, 5:50 p.m. by BMHKain

Krenko's Codex of Immemorial Mentality Dead Denpa

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


NOTE: Gob = Goblin. You'll be seeing this a lot.

Q1: Unless you don't want to be entirely on theme w/ Gobs, & Artifice, any Gob/Gob Support that can damage flying creatures? Any others that can take to the skies?

Q2: Mana Rocks in Mono-Color include Arcane Signet , Coldsteel Heart , or, if in a Pinch: Commander's Sphere . But are there any Color-Neutral Options for the Fire Medallion|Medallions?

Q3: There are so many Gobs, Tech, & Daretti that have use. However, some are worse than others; often by a lot.

This is not just a Gob Tribal led by Krenko, this is also an Artifice Deck. Any suggestions for adds that benefit Gobs and/or Artifice, or cuts if otherwise?

Q4 FINAL: Final problem; a Lack of good Instants in Mono-. Any Gob-friendly Instants that don't need to burn something?

I hope these questions help. I just want constructive criticism, that's all. Later.

BMHKain says... #2


I'll try to find some combos that work w/ Artifice, though I dunno if Coldsteel Heart is any better than Fire Diamond , but What About Prism Ring ? A Medallion can't possibly beat this... Any thoughts? I just wonder what can help w/ such combos. For now, (& I regret to DO this yet again...) I'd like some suggestions for cuts for this deck; AND some adds in Goblin Tribal that have Flying; this deck has no option against Flying/Horsemanship Creatures, & I'd actually like some of this, please.

That said, I'm going to have to predict these will be cut:

Patron of the Akki : Not even a Gob, is powerful, but can't even fly. a WASTE .

Goblin Sharpshooter : Death to something is required for something that only does 1 Damage; even doubling damage is MINISCULE in this case. That, & it DOESN'T target Walkers, which can be a separate target from the Player now; damn new rulings... & this is also concrete proof we need more firearms in MTG; & Plainswalk Back; just look at the Plains Art of our age & dare to say: "It should never return.". Even Sogen translates to Grassland, & Knights, Soldiers, Aven, Angels, even Spirits have the upper hand in such an area here over any Conventional Non- Creature. Even if it's a Plains at it's most basic.

Reckless One : I suppose this is a Meta-Call? For me, this Avatar is just a dumber(er) Fatty than even an Hamletback Goliath . But what the crap should I know? This deck seems to want to Put into Play LOTS of Gobs...

Zo-Zu the Punisher : This deck heavily relies on Gobs, & Mana; but if the latter in the form of Lands punishes you just for playing them (Especially when you have Crucible of Worlds .), Something is truly off for this kind of Gob that's better off Hatebearing you.

Potential Changes?:

Fire Diamond >>> Coldsteel Heart : Both are Cast, Both are Rocks that ETB tapped, but Coldsteel Heart at least gives you a choice of what mana it can use; & is a Snow Permanent to add to the damage. Replace your Damn Diamonds w/ this Relic; Frozen in Time.

Ruby Medallion >>> Prism Ring : Why screw w/ a Medallion that does too little for , when you got the ULTIMATE MOOD RING; & a Genuine one at that, at , & while it won't give you any discount, prepare to gain so much life, it's criminal. Now, uh... What's the whole set of Colors for moods? I, mean, there's like 66, 67 of them, God Forbid? That's one hell of a Rainbow of a Prism. Sadly I couldn't find any better anyway... Your thoughts on this would be good...

&... That's all I got... Any ideas for cuts (Or adds; I still can't find any anti-flyers...) would be great. I wonder if there is a cheap artifact that allows your spells to be less; & no, The Immortal Sun doesn't count...

Thanks for the help thus far... :)

Oh, & about the Plains in Question so we can get Plainswalk back:

Plains (This is a HUGE area in Ravnica. No Grass Anywhere.)

Plains (What kind of Non- Creature has the upper hand in something BESIDES mere SoGen?!)

Plains (Oketra says Hello, untrue lives.)

I hope this helps. I'll talk later. Good luck for cuts and/or adds. :)

September 27, 2019 12:32 p.m.

BMHKain says... #3

I'll just get to the big picture; I was told it's no longer wise to say REDACTED

I dun suppose anyone can find something for the following?:

  1. A way Gobs can shoot down fliers. Or just, become one.

  2. Find a better, Mana-Color Neutral Alt. for the Medallions.

  3. Try & see if you can find any combos w/ Artifice, & other cards alongside it. If a 2-card combo at least, can be made w/ any artifice, it has a better chance of staying. Otherwise? It's on the running as a card being cut unless it can work on it's own.

  4. Irony? My instants suck. Any better ideas would be great.

  5. Do I already have Anti-Flyers? Just let me know to be sure.

&... that's all I ask for now... Hopefully this can help; but I guess the REDACTED! privilege for all is dead.

September 28, 2019 3:22 p.m.

BMHKain says... #4

An update: I'm trying to revise my Deck Help Requests to the best ability I can actually do; I just wonder if someone of senior staff approves of my efforts. From there, I might actually know how to do this in the future...

Anyways, as I'm doing the OP in this manner, enpc responded to one, though w/o any criticism to add to my eventual efforts. Maybe you can respond here, sir? Or should someone else take your stead for this?

September 29, 2019 2:37 p.m.

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