Advice on a Cascading Animar? Deck review/help much needed.

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Posted on Sept. 12, 2021, 10:45 a.m. by Cheifettues

Good day!

I’ve been playing this deck for about 6 months 1v1. Recently started to get over my anxiety and play at a LGS. I struggled in that I kept getting shot down and had a hard time pushing through having multiple opponents. Is this deck not a good match up in a pod? I keep asking myself what I can do to advance. So here I am asking for advice.

Side note:

All Cards are cards that can be cascaded into, it is important to not have wasted potential. :)

Elso, I looked at what was being cascaded into and tried to narrow down the selection to get at cards that will move the game forward.



  1. The curve doesn’t look that great — at the same time - the synergy and flow is supreme. Having a bad hand proves that the low cmc get something and get to somewhere.

  2. Are the +x/+x worthy of a spot with the current deck list. In play they are useful, buuut — I scratch my head and wonder if I am missing a component that will take Animar to the next level.

  3. Sword of Fire and Ice. The deck can run without Animar, so is it justified?

  4. Lack of counter spells. Cascading into a counter spell that is not modal sucks balloons. Options? Do I have enough conditions to react, or is there something more that can be done? In a pod, the constant board wipes are overwhelming. :/


Last few words:

Animar, Soul of Elements is a really fun deck, however what can anyone suggest to take this deck up a few levels?

Much Appreciation and I hope for you to have a next best starting hand!

Cass-a-cading Animar

Pikobyte says... #2

You miss several important cards to take this up, like cloudstone curio, beast whisperer or similar effects, palinchron and similar creatures or the neoform combo line. Also the creature count is a bit on the low side for Animar

September 13, 2021 7:08 a.m.

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