M12 / M12 / M12

Ended 1 month ago

Player MTG_Player pie chart DraftBot pie chart DraftBot pie chart DraftBot pie chart DraftBot pie chart DraftBot pie chart DraftBot pie chart DraftBot pie chart
Seat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 - 1 Incinerate Peregrine Griffin Mana Leak Lightning Elemental Fog Mighty Leap Disentomb Devouring Swarm
1 - 2 Gideon's Avenger Skywinder Drake Llanowar Elves Lurking Crocodile Greater Basilisk Frost Breath Garruk's Companion Merfolk Looter
1 - 3 Divination Stonehorn Dignitary Hideous Visage Chasm Drake Devouring Swarm Goblin War Paint Arachnus Web Gladecover Scout
1 - 4 Blood Ogre Drifting Shade Goblin Fireslinger Titanic Growth Lightning Elemental Disentomb Ponder Jace's Erasure
1 - 5 Gideon's Lawkeeper Angel's Mercy Distress Gravedigger Lightning Elemental Distress Sorin's Thirst Garruk's Companion
1 - 6 Elite Vanguard Fling Harbor Serpent Fling Greater Basilisk Wall of Torches Sacred Wolf Sacred Wolf
1 - 7 Gideon's Avenger Runeclaw Bear Vastwood Gorger Runeclaw Bear Peregrine Griffin Lifelink Mind Rot Sorin's Thirst
1 - 8 Overrun Chasm Drake Wall of Torches Blood Seeker Lurking Crocodile Guardians' Pledge Tormented Soul Amphin Cutthroat
1 - 9 Act of Treason Lava Axe Dark Favor Fog Chasm Drake Pride Guardian Stampeding Rhino Titanic Growth
1 - 10 Jade Mage Sorin's Thirst Fog Goblin Piker Frost Breath Guardians' Pledge Drifting Shade Titanic Growth
1 - 11 Scepter of Empires Unsummon Crumbling Colossus Bonebreaker Giant Blood Seeker Stave Off Tectonic Rift Serra Angel
1 - 12 Swiftfoot Boots Smallpox Arachnus Web Thran Golem Goblin Grenade Circle of Flame Turn to Frog Elite Vanguard
1 - 13 Drowned Catacomb Onyx Mage Dragon's Claw Hunter's Insight Wurm's Tooth Alluring Siren Swiftfoot Boots Master Thief
1 - 14 Redirect Wurm's Tooth Call to the Grave Call to the Grave Crown of Empires Dragonskull Summit Cemetery Reaper Dragon's Claw
1 - 15 Mountain Swamp Plains Plains Forest Island Island Swamp
2 - 1 Llanowar Elves Doom Blade Griffin Sentinel Arachnus Web Mighty Leap Sacred Wolf Giant Spider Runeclaw Bear
2 - 2 Spirit Mantle Incinerate Unsummon Doom Blade Naturalize Phantasmal Bear Phantasmal Bear Disentomb
2 - 3 Llanowar Elves Ice Cage Skywinder Drake Harbor Serpent Cancel Taste of Blood Slaughter Cry Harbor Serpent
2 - 4 Lurking Crocodile Amphin Cutthroat Angel's Mercy Pacifism Harbor Serpent Rampant Growth Llanowar Elves Giant Spider
2 - 5 Primordial Hydra Bountiful Harvest Sorin's Thirst Tormented Soul Duskhunter Bat Act of Treason Sorin's Thirst Aven Fleetwing
2 - 6 Rusted Sentinel Negate Assault Griffin Lava Axe Amphin Cutthroat Tormented Soul Amphin Cutthroat Angel's Mercy
2 - 7 Overrun Brink of Disaster Lifelink Distress Pride Guardian Stave Off Demystify Demystify
2 - 8 Overrun AEther Adept Stormfront Pegasus Mighty Leap Lava Axe Distress Skywinder Drake Trollhide
2 - 9 Sunpetal Grove Sorin's Thirst Wall of Torches Auramancer Lava Axe Unsummon Llanowar Elves Peregrine Griffin
2 - 10 Trollhide Flight Manic Vandal Warpath Ghoul Jace's Erasure Zombie Goliath Llanowar Elves Ponder
2 - 11 Cudgel Troll Diabolic Tutor Gideon's Lawkeeper Pride Guardian Divine Favor Drifting Shade Blood Ogre Duskhunter Bat
2 - 12 Autumn's Veil Timely Reinforcements Azure Mage Stingerfling Spider Elite Vanguard Volcanic Dragon Stormblood Berserker Crumbling Colossus
2 - 13 Buried Ruin Consume Spirit Autumn's Veil Stormblood Berserker Stormblood Berserker Celestial Purge Master Thief Mind Control
2 - 14 Drowned Catacomb Grave Titan Skinshifter Alluring Siren Dragonskull Summit Grim Lavamancer Djinn of Wishes Demon's Horn
2 - 15 Plains Swamp Island Plains Island Mountain Swamp Plains
3 - 1 Overrun Goblin Tunneler Bountiful Harvest Griffin Sentinel Garruk's Companion Child of Night Fiery Hellhound Griffin Sentinel
3 - 2 Peregrine Griffin Tormented Soul Greater Basilisk Griffin Rider Distress Negate Lurking Crocodile Harbor Serpent
3 - 3 Brindle Boar Manic Vandal Lurking Crocodile Cancel Doom Blade Goblin Piker Trollhide Llanowar Elves
3 - 4 Benalish Veteran Divine Favor Slaughter Cry Harbor Serpent Flight Llanowar Elves Frost Breath Pacifism
3 - 5 Oblivion Ring Brindle Boar Goblin Tunneler Divine Favor Cancel Taste of Blood Act of Treason Chandra's Outrage
3 - 6 Llanowar Elves Warpath Ghoul Amphin Cutthroat Stave Off Shock Stormfront Pegasus Mighty Leap Arachnus Web
3 - 7 Sunpetal Grove Phantasmal Bear Doom Blade Aven Fleetwing Pride Guardian Trollhide Hideous Visage Vastwood Gorger
3 - 8 Elite Vanguard Lightning Elemental Trollhide Gorehorn Minotaurs Hideous Visage Dark Favor Frost Breath Distress
3 - 9 Guardians' Pledge Naturalize Chasm Drake Siege Mastodon Demystify Divine Favor Aven Fleetwing Doom Blade
3 - 10 Lure Firebreathing Mana Leak Cancel Mighty Leap Ice Cage Arachnus Web Goblin Arsonist
3 - 11 Sunpetal Grove Mana Leak Unsummon Aven Fleetwing Gladecover Scout Sengir Vampire Stonehorn Dignitary Wurm's Tooth
3 - 12 Honor of the Pure Kite Shield Kite Shield Turn to Frog Goblin Bangchuckers Scepter of Empires Angel's Feather Deathmark
3 - 13 Chandra, the Firebrand Zombie Infestation Carnage Wurm Vampire Outcasts Master Thief Buried Ruin Lure Circle of Flame
3 - 14 Day of Judgment Elixir of Immortality Circle of Flame Celestial Purge Chandra's Phoenix Warstorm Surge Scrambleverse Tectonic Rift
3 - 15 Forest Plains Plains Island Forest Plains Swamp Island