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Seat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 - 1 Robber of the Rich Savvy Hunter Foulmire Knight Syr Carah, the Bold Acclaimed Contender Opt Murderous Rider Worthy Knight
1 - 2 Inspiring Veteran Maraleaf Rider Syr Carah, the Bold Charming Prince Bog Naughty Enchanted Carriage Embercleave Beanstalk Giant
1 - 3 Epic Downfall Rimrock Knight Syr Elenora, the Discerning Acclaimed Contender Giant Opportunity Castle Garenbrig Crashing Drawbridge Syr Carah, the Bold
1 - 4 Charmed Sleep Forever Young Rampart Smasher Venerable Knight Shepherd of the Flock Queen of Ice Shinechaser Gingerbread Cabin
1 - 5 Blow Your House Down Didn't Say Please Deathless Knight Raging Redcap Raging Redcap Faerie Guidemother Didn't Say Please Scorching Dragonfire
1 - 6 Queen of Ice Maraleaf Pixie Queen of Ice Lost Legion Wandermare Cauldron's Gift Embereth Paladin Cauldron's Gift
1 - 7 Rosethorn Acolyte Merfolk Secretkeeper Wolf's Quarry Overwhelmed Apprentice Foreboding Fruit Trapped in the Tower Giant's Skewer Malevolent Noble
1 - 8 Tome Raider Witching Well Didn't Say Please Knight of the Keep Shepherd of the Flock Outflank Locthwain Paladin Seven Dwarves
1 - 9 Garenbrig Paladin Mantle of Tides Lonesome Unicorn Fell the Pheasant Ardenvale Paladin Reaper of Night Weaselback Redcap Crashing Drawbridge
1 - 10 Crystal Slipper Prophet of the Peak Silverflame Ritual Prophet of the Peak Mantle of Tides Deafening Silence Embereth Paladin Beloved Princess
1 - 11 Return to Nature Ogre Errant Searing Barrage Tall as a Beanstalk Mistford River Turtle Prized Griffin Mistford River Turtle Garenbrig Paladin
1 - 12 Corridor Monitor Rosethorn Halberd Outflank Wolf's Quarry Beloved Princess Prized Griffin Forever Young Witch's Cottage
1 - 13 Bloodhaze Wolverine Locthwain Gargoyle Mystic Sanctuary Barge In Lash of Thorns Merchant of the Vale Thrill of Possibility Insatiable Appetite
1 - 14 Locthwain Gargoyle Roving Keep Idyllic Grange Idyllic Grange Rosethorn Halberd Memory Theft Garenbrig Squire Witch's Cottage
2 - 1 Righteousness Merfolk Secretkeeper Wicked Wolf Righteousness Feasting Troll King Into the Story Realm-Cloaked Giant Sporecap Spider
2 - 2 Brazen Borrower So Tiny Wildborn Preserver Giant Opportunity Wildborn Preserver Foulmire Knight Opportunistic Dragon Once Upon a Time
2 - 3 Archon of Absolution So Tiny Fierce Witchstalker Epic Downfall Fireborn Knight Bog Naughty Shambling Suit Syr Carah, the Bold
2 - 4 Queen of Ice Run Away Together Revenge of Ravens Oakhame Ranger Keeper of the Fables Mad Ratter Improbable Alliance Sage of the Falls
2 - 5 Charmed Sleep Unexplained Vision Trapped in the Tower Tournament Grounds Lonesome Unicorn Embereth Shieldbreaker Scorching Dragonfire Shepherd of the Flock
2 - 6 Trapped in the Tower Corridor Monitor Seven Dwarves Brimstone Trebuchet Faerie Guidemother Rimrock Knight Rosethorn Acolyte Wintermoor Commander
2 - 7 Locthwain Paladin Gingerbrute Crashing Drawbridge Didn't Say Please All That Glitters Locthwain Paladin Edgewall Innkeeper Eye Collector
2 - 8 Eye Collector Henge Walker Lonesome Unicorn Garenbrig Paladin Inquisitive Puppet Curious Pair Weapon Rack Crashing Drawbridge
2 - 9 Malevolent Noble Tome Raider Eye Collector Smitten Swordmaster Crashing Drawbridge Silverflame Ritual Searing Barrage Wolf's Quarry
2 - 10 Fortifying Provisions Vantress Paladin Foreboding Fruit Searing Barrage Weaselback Redcap Foreboding Fruit Flutterfox Ardenvale Paladin
2 - 11 Maraleaf Rider Tome Raider Tall as a Beanstalk Mystic Sanctuary Crystal Slipper Rosethorn Halberd Outflank Silverflame Ritual
2 - 12 Crystal Slipper Idyllic Grange Idyllic Grange Prized Griffin Idyllic Grange Flutterfox Ogre Errant Insatiable Appetite
2 - 13 Fell the Pheasant Dwarven Mine Bartered Cow Memory Theft Beloved Princess Mistford River Turtle True Love's Kiss Fell the Pheasant
2 - 14 Locthwain Gargoyle Thrill of Possibility Bloodhaze Wolverine Prized Griffin Witch's Cottage Signpost Scarecrow Island Bloodhaze Wolverine
3 - 1 Worthy Knight Mystical Dispute Lochmere Serpent Youthful Knight Witch's Vengeance Sporecap Spider Youthful Knight Sporecap Spider
3 - 2 Lochmere Serpent Tome Raider Worthy Knight Inspiring Veteran Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig Cauldron Familiar Dance of the Manse Giant Killer
3 - 3 Hypnotic Sprite Covetous Urge Drown in the Loch Animating Faerie Lucky Clover Bake into a Pie Fireborn Knight Castle Garenbrig
3 - 4 Savvy Hunter Weapon Rack Turn into a Pumpkin Fireborn Knight Charmed Sleep Loch Dragon Skullknocker Ogre Joust
3 - 5 Giant's Skewer Didn't Say Please Giant Opportunity Sorcerer's Broom Thunderous Snapper Epic Downfall Lost Legion Fierce Witchstalker
3 - 6 Queen of Ice So Tiny Covetous Urge Beanstalk Giant Faerie Guidemother Curious Pair Unexplained Vision Ardenvale Paladin
3 - 7 Lash of Thorns Vantress Paladin Gingerbrute Improbable Alliance Garenbrig Paladin Rosethorn Acolyte Rosethorn Acolyte Blow Your House Down
3 - 8 Wolf's Quarry Signpost Scarecrow Wandermare Crashing Drawbridge Seven Dwarves Silverflame Ritual Foreboding Fruit Seven Dwarves
3 - 9 Ardenvale Tactician Moonlit Scavengers Flutterfox Specter's Shriek Blow Your House Down Vantress Paladin Ogre Errant Crystal Slipper
3 - 10 Outflank Smitten Swordmaster Flutterfox Maraleaf Rider Return to Nature Ardenvale Paladin Weapon Rack Tuinvale Treefolk
3 - 11 Return to Nature Prized Griffin Crystal Slipper Beloved Princess Festive Funeral Prophet of the Peak Silverflame Squire Wishful Merfolk
3 - 12 Lash of Thorns Signpost Scarecrow Garenbrig Squire Flutterfox Corridor Monitor Barrow Witches Prized Griffin Festive Funeral
3 - 13 Henge Walker Signpost Scarecrow Fell the Pheasant Bartered Cow Rosethorn Halberd Forever Young Idyllic Grange Forever Young
3 - 14 Moonlit Scavengers Idyllic Grange Silverflame Ritual Wicked Guardian True Love's Kiss Thrill of Possibility Insatiable Appetite Witch's Cottage