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Seat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 - 1 Fling Worthy Knight Fling Hushbringer Opt Reave Soul Youthful Knight Ayara, First of Locthwain
1 - 2 Realm-Cloaked Giant Irencrag Pyromancer Oakhame Adversary Murderous Rider Syr Alin, the Lion's Claw Garruk, Cursed Huntsman Syr Konrad, the Grim Bake into a Pie
1 - 3 Robber of the Rich Turn into a Pumpkin Hypnotic Sprite Fierce Witchstalker Into the Story Trail of Crumbs Fierce Witchstalker Trail of Crumbs
1 - 4 Acclaimed Contender Belle of the Brawl Cauldron Familiar Beanstalk Giant Once and Future Foulmire Knight Shepherd of the Flock Rosethorn Acolyte
1 - 5 Loch Dragon Rimrock Knight Mad Ratter Bake into a Pie Reaper of Night Oakhame Ranger Faerie Vandal Gingerbread Cabin
1 - 6 Wildwood Tracker Improbable Alliance Once and Future Elite Headhunter Shepherd of the Flock Ferocity of the Wilds Gingerbrute Bake into a Pie
1 - 7 Faerie Guidemother Eye Collector Trapped in the Tower Witching Well Gingerbread Cabin Giant's Skewer Wildwood Tracker Rosethorn Halberd
1 - 8 Witching Well Lonesome Unicorn Silverflame Squire Ferocity of the Wilds Knight of the Keep Steelgaze Griffin Redcap Raiders Outmuscle
1 - 9 Weapon Rack Ardenvale Tactician Merfolk Secretkeeper Silverflame Ritual Ardenvale Paladin Flutterfox Silverflame Squire Fell the Pheasant
1 - 10 Blow Your House Down Lash of Thorns Knight of the Keep Foreboding Fruit Beloved Princess Lash of Thorns Tuinvale Treefolk Prophet of the Peak
1 - 11 Barge In Wolf's Quarry Merchant of the Vale Flutterfox Silverflame Squire Merchant of the Vale Ogre Errant Garenbrig Squire
1 - 12 Fell the Pheasant Corridor Monitor So Tiny Mantle of Tides Merchant of the Vale Beloved Princess Prized Griffin Tuinvale Treefolk
1 - 13 Merchant of the Vale Thrill of Possibility Mystic Sanctuary Corridor Monitor Wicked Guardian Jousting Dummy Jousting Dummy Roving Keep
1 - 14 Bartered Cow Signpost Scarecrow Bloodhaze Wolverine Signpost Scarecrow Bloodhaze Wolverine Dwarven Mine Prized Griffin Thrill of Possibility
2 - 1 Fling Drown in the Loch Sorcerous Spyglass Lovestruck Beast Youthful Knight Doom Foretold Youthful Knight Cauldron Familiar
2 - 2 Oakhame Adversary Righteousness Bog Naughty Syr Konrad, the Grim Order of Midnight Stolen by the Fae Once Upon a Time Fierce Witchstalker
2 - 3 Charming Prince Shinechaser Castle Garenbrig Oakhame Adversary Faerie Vandal Trail of Crumbs Worthy Knight Foreboding Fruit
2 - 4 Bake into a Pie Heraldic Banner Embereth Shieldbreaker Order of Midnight Slaying Fire Rimrock Knight Joust Golden Egg
2 - 5 Rimrock Knight Curious Pair Kenrith's Transformation Trapped in the Tower Embereth Shieldbreaker Embereth Paladin Burning-Yard Trainer Fierce Witchstalker
2 - 6 Garenbrig Paladin Redcap Raiders Wildwood Tracker Cauldron's Gift Redcap Raiders Reaper of Night Mystical Dispute Gingerbread Cabin
2 - 7 Wildwood Tracker Searing Barrage Redcap Melee Opt Merfolk Secretkeeper Garenbrig Paladin Wintermoor Commander Crashing Drawbridge
2 - 8 Lost Legion Garenbrig Carver Sorcerous Spyglass Tome Raider Golden Egg Wildwood Tracker Garenbrig Carver Return to Nature
2 - 9 Crashing Drawbridge Silverflame Squire Tall as a Beanstalk Rosethorn Halberd Blow Your House Down Unexplained Vision Crystal Slipper Insatiable Appetite
2 - 10 Fortifying Provisions Deafening Silence Fell the Pheasant Golden Egg Silverflame Squire Jousting Dummy Weapon Rack Golden Egg
2 - 11 Mantle of Tides Idyllic Grange Festive Funeral Fortifying Provisions Prophet of the Peak Crystal Slipper Weaselback Redcap Maraleaf Rider
2 - 12 Dwarven Mine Run Away Together Rosethorn Halberd Henge Walker Outflank Maraleaf Rider Flutterfox Garenbrig Squire
2 - 13 Shining Armor Mistford River Turtle Insatiable Appetite Festive Funeral Rosethorn Halberd Fell the Pheasant Corridor Monitor Locthwain Gargoyle
2 - 14 Bloodhaze Wolverine Thrill of Possibility True Love's Kiss Fell the Pheasant True Love's Kiss Dwarven Mine Roving Keep Bartered Cow
3 - 1 Opt Resolute Rider Bonecrusher Giant Reave Soul Opt Fling Reave Soul Lost Legion
3 - 2 Fervent Champion Youthful Knight Fervent Champion Arcanist's Owl Folio of Fancies Wicked Wolf Fae of Wishes Tuinvale Treefolk
3 - 3 Torbran, Thane of Red Fell Tournament Grounds Worthy Knight Belle of the Brawl Beanstalk Giant Archon of Absolution Arcanist's Owl Bog Naughty
3 - 4 Thunderous Snapper Syr Elenora, the Discerning Flaxen Intruder Turn into a Pumpkin Skullknocker Ogre Rosethorn Acolyte Syr Faren, the Hengehammer Trail of Crumbs
3 - 5 Charmed Sleep Rimrock Knight Loch Dragon Shepherd of the Flock Fireborn Knight Gingerbrute Locthwain Paladin Witch's Cottage
3 - 6 All That Glitters Queen of Ice Didn't Say Please Raging Redcap Lonesome Unicorn Rimrock Knight Redcap Raiders Golden Egg
3 - 7 Vantress Paladin Lonesome Unicorn Eye Collector Rosethorn Acolyte Burning-Yard Trainer Witching Well Vantress Paladin Maraleaf Rider
3 - 8 Merfolk Secretkeeper Wolf's Quarry Witching Well Specter's Shriek Garenbrig Paladin Embereth Paladin Redcap Raiders Outmuscle
3 - 9 Smitten Swordmaster Ardenvale Paladin Crystal Slipper Eye Collector Weaselback Redcap Brimstone Trebuchet Ogre Errant Weapon Rack
3 - 10 Wildwood Tracker Wolf's Quarry Outflank Claim the Firstborn Return to Nature Maraleaf Rider Golden Egg Tall as a Beanstalk
3 - 11 Return to Nature Knight of the Keep Outflank Weaselback Redcap Weaselback Redcap Festive Funeral Jousting Dummy Henge Walker
3 - 12 Claim the Firstborn Mantle of Tides Lash of Thorns Barge In Beloved Princess Ogre Errant Shining Armor Memory Theft
3 - 13 Mystic Sanctuary Ogre Errant Mystic Sanctuary Dwarven Mine Claim the Firstborn Run Away Together Idyllic Grange Garenbrig Squire
3 - 14 Dwarven Mine Signpost Scarecrow Shining Armor Roving Keep Bloodhaze Wolverine Festive Funeral Idyllic Grange Memory Theft