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Here is my Zuko inspired EDH deck. I wanted to make this deck because I'm a big fan of Avatar the Last Airbender but also because I had the opportunity to get Dante Basco (Voice Actor for Zuko) to sign some cards. When I saw Anax and Cymede they gave me Zuko and Mai vibes. I also liked that the "heroic" mechanic could be connected to casting spells or "Bending". Also Zuko's Heroic trigger reminds me of Zuko's Honour and that's what I'll be saying at the table whenever it triggers.

The deck revolves around getting "Benders" out, creatures with prowess or magecraft, and then casting some "Fire Bending" spells. Spells that target Zuko/Anax will buff everything and then anything with Prowess/Magecraft will get buffed again from their own triggers. I wanted to throw in some soldier themed cards to represent the Fire Nation and when they attacked. Plan is to hopefully make some Fire Nation Soldier tokens for the deck.

Some of the stand out cards that are also super flavourful are Crown of Flames, Mark of Fury, and Ghitu Firebreathing. These cards can be cast over and over triggering Zuko's Honour and prowess dozen of times in a turn. Tried to only include cards that told Zuko's story while also ensuring the deck was fairly competitive at the table. Let me know if you like the deck or have any input for possible inclusions or better ways to bring in the Avatar theme!


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