I built a blue/green/black zombie tribal with Muldrotha at the helm.

I've played it 6 times and it's won 4. My most frequent win con has been getting Gary on the field and dropping a rite of replication. Another win came from pumping up Willow Geist to sac to Jared.

I don't play infinites so most of my deck is built around smashing with combat/overwhelming the board with tokens. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks for looking.


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Pulled out some of the zombie cards that were more "typical zombie good stuffs" than actual resources to make the deck move. Looking to go off a little faster by lowering the cmc and adding some card drawing power.

out :

Zombie Master Cemetery Reaper Mazire, kraul Death Priest, Merciless Executioner, Lord of the Undead, Ghoulcaller Gisa,


Eternal Witness, Crystal Vein, Baleful Strix, Coiling Oracle, Wrenn and Seven,


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Tokens Copy Clone, Emblem Wrenn and Seven, Treefolk */* G w/ Reach, Zombie 2/2 B, Zombie Berserker 2/2 B
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