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Zhang Zhao is a dude.

This is a deck built around him.

I'm out of ideas for cool intros.

The deck

So Zhang Zhao has a couple of different directions you can go in. He's a human soldier Warrior which has to count for something. He's got Horsemanship-AKA better flying- so voltron is always gonna be decent. But nothing really stands out, so we went a rather strange direction.

Blocking matters

We run great blockers in Opal-Eye, Konda's Yojimbo , Cathedral Membrane , and Konda, Lord of Eiganjo . We run things that can block multiple creatures like Hundred-Handed One, Guardian of the Gateless , Palace Guard

We run ways to give our creature the ability to block everything like Valor Made Real , Entangler , High Ground. We got defense for days.

Ok, we can survive forever. What do we gain though? What's the point?

To win.

Celestial Convergence, Divine Intervention , Darksteel Reactor. As the great Johnny sage Saffron Olive says "Why win two turns ago when we can win two turns from now!"

So yeah, looks complicated but honestly pretty standard. Well for this series anyway. Short, Sweet, Meh. On to the next one.

Big thanks to RazortoothMtg for building a version of this deck I took Heavy inspiration from. You can click on that deck here. Or you can check out the forum for this deck which you can click on here


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