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ボロス様 Zen uchū no hasha (Osgir EDH)

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Lorehold Legacies Commander 2021 (Upgraded precon)
AKA Lord Boros, Dominator of the Universe
WR Boros
Artifacts + Recursion


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Playing another round of slowly upgrading precons in between games. After game one I was allowed to replace up to five cards in the deck, with a $10 budget. It was actually tough, but I did it and these are the results.

1. Boros Garrison - Too many lands in precons, imo. Plus this one is particularly slow. I want to keep my basic lands because of the way this deck can dig for them, so weak nonbasics get the axe first.
2. Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion - Basically the same reasoning here. 38 lands is too many for me, and colorless mana is negligible, while the doublestrike seems like an unnecessary additional wincon.
3. Key to the City - Command Zone said do it so I did it. No seriously though, it is expensive redundancy that I don't need. This deck actually draws cards well enough that I don't want to spend mana at my upkeep for "a mere single card." I could replace this weak draw engine and instead strengthen one of the deck's weaknesses.
4. Alibou, Ancient Witness - The alternate commander for this deck is cool, but it doesn't truly jive with what this deck does--and what I want to do with it. If it gave my commander haste, then I'd keep it. If I ended up putting artifact creatures on the battlefield instead dragons mostly, then I'd keep it. Alas for now, I'll just keep it in mind.
5. Duplicant - It's expensive. It exiles instead of destroys/kills, so I can't use it on myself. It doesn't actually become a copy of anything, so it can't steal abilities. So it's only useful as removal, really, because the odds that you'll get a creature worth SIX MANA out of it are too unreliable. If I need to exile something that badly, this deck has white in it.

1. Goblin Engineer - An obvious choice that fit within my $10 budget. It "tutors" an artifact to your graveyard, and is also able to recur artifacts with CMC 3 or less. Multiple ways to take advantage of each of those abilities in this deck. And it's a goblin.
2. Hammer of Purphoros - Gives my commander haste. Happy side note, it could also be a mana sink that generates more artifacts in the form of golems. And it's an artifact.
3. Swiftfoot Boots - An auto-include for any deck that relies heavily on its commander to function properly. Defensive properties and more importantly, HASTE! Because I obviously want to be able to use Osgir, the Reconstructor right away. And it's an artifact.
4. Slobad, Goblin Tinkerer - Helps get artifacts in the graveyard, but more importantly can help protect a lot of my permanents from most forms of removal and damage. And it's a goblin. Goblins aren't important to this deck at all. I just really like them.
5. Boros Signet - Probably the least impactful of my first five, but it's only two mana, and that's important. Lower mana value means more mathematical efficiency. And earlier plays. And it's an artifact.


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