Zedruu seeks to donate "friendly" cards to my opponents for destruction! I have quite a few ways to win and my goal is to donate enough targets to draw into one of my wincons. The one I'm aiming to pull of at the moment is summoner's egg and leveler. I'm looking to get another enlightened tutor so I can search for an artifact or enchantment of choice. I've stayed awway from "steel golem" effects as it usually dies quick or sacrificed and that's 4 mana lost on my side for playing such an effect. Same goes to aggressive mining as I don't like effects that usually just shut one player down and slow the game down.


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Having won with the hive mind package a few times, I'm going away from that to other methods of winning like my summoner's egg and leveler package. I most likely will keep changing my wincons up in Zedruu to keep changing my deck strategy.


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