You are the Guild Leader Zedruu. Your job is to give the masses of your playgroup quests to complete, and allies to complete those quests. Those quests could be the various quest cards from the Zendikar block, or alternate win conditions such as Barren Glory, or Near Death Experience. If they do not follow you and your orders to do quests, you have many ways to wipe the board as punishment. It is Zedruu's way or the highway, and your playgroup knows, they have always wanted to win with a Barren Glory, or they have always wanted to finally find the Goblin King, using an Oona mill deck. Any suggestions to the deck to maybe cut back on some quests, add others, and add more support for some, that would be awesome. I'm not really looking to win, (except by stealing win cons back with homeward path in case someone has completed quests, but has been rude the whole game) just kind of have fun with Jeskai's true guild leader.Edit:Alright, I have properly put everything into groups based on which wincon they are in or where they fit in the deck. The only one that should technically have more in it is Hellkite Tyrant because I do use quite a few mana rocks in this deck. Boardwipes are all in the Barren Glory section, so if no one is playing the game, then you just have to send everyone back to the stone age, ruled by Zedruu The Tyrant


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