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Bought the precon just so I could get my hands on Zaxara. Talk about efficiency, am I right? Doubling Season , Unbound Flourishing , Corpsejack Menace , and Vorel of the Hull Clade are the key components to making stupidly huge hydras. Although winning is totally possible with big beaters, I tend to use the tokens more as defense and distraction while I try to piece something game winning together.

Freed from the Real and Pemmin's Aura makes infinite mana with the commander so that's neat. Infinite mana is also achieved with Food Chain and either Misthollow Griffin or Eternal Scourge . Once I've secured infinite manas, I use one of the draw X spells to find Exsanguinate to end the game. I can also tutor any of these combos up with relative ease using Diabolic Revelation . (Edit: I'm dumb and didn't read Food Chain all the way to the end. So with this particular infinite mana combo, I need Hydroid Krasis , Gadwick, the Wizened , or Prime Speaker Zegana to hopefully draw Exsanguinate and one of the auras to make Zaxara go infinite.)

I've also had fun with Hydra Omnivore next to Vigor with a Simic Ascendancy on the board; let your opponents choose how they die!


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