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Zada doing her thing. Duplicate spells, draw cards, alpha strike. Not trying to do goblin tribal but I'm going wide in Red, so...

This deck used to be a $60 deck but some pieces have gone up a fair amount. The deck only cost me ~$25 because I had so much on hand that fit.

Cards to add: Legion Loyalist

Cards to maybe add: goblin matorn (owned), World at War (owned), Bloodmark Mentor (owned), Goblin Wardriver (owned), War's Toll (owned), Goblin Cratermaker (owned), Siege-Gang Commander (owned), Archetype of Aggression (owned), Citadel of Pain (owned), Legion Warboss , Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin , Goblin King (owned), Goblin Ruinblaster (owned), Caterwauling Boggart (owned), Screaming Fury

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Cards in the Maybeboard with an SL are cards I own. Cards with an MP are on the chopping block.

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Built! My guess was $25 but it cost me $30, not including what I already had.

The shop didn't have a Reliquary Tower though.

The first three games I played I got stomped.


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