Zada explosive stuff.


cast Kari Zev's Expertise on Zada, Hedron Grinder, cast a 2cmc or less card for each creature for free (start with a draw spell and go from there).

Dualcaster Mage+Twinflame or Heat Shimmer: cast twinflame or heat shimmer on any target creature, flash in dualcaster mage targeting twinflame/shimmer, copy targets mage and so on. End combo by targeting a different creature with final copy of twinflame/shimmer, swing for win.

Make Mischief is best if your creatures can survive the one damage. Make more tokens that deal damage when they die.

Spawning Breath when used at the right time will give you a bunch of mana tokens without killing all your creatures. Inner Fire after drawing a ton of cards to give a ton of mana to cast almost all of the cards in your hand. Mana Geyser gets more effective the more people you are playing against. Battle hymm and Dragonrage are both excellent for adding more mana for pump spells, possibly being game enders in their own right.

Soul's Fire and Gravitic Punch after a few pump spells will take out an opponent each on their own, and punch can come back a second time thanks to jump-start. You can also possible use Dualcaster Mage to to copy and take out a second opponent at the same time if need be.

Cards like Hijack and Act of Treason are 100% to untap your creatures after combat so you can use them as blockers.

The key here is that you cast basically none of these spells without targeting Zada. The deck is weak against removal, so act fast and hit as hard as you can. With the mana ramps mentioned above and the tons of land in the deck, recasting zada a few times will be a small price to pay for an explosive victory.


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