Yuriko/Razaketh Reanimator deck. Using 0 drops like Ornithopter and Phyrexian Walker to help Ninjitsu Yuriko out early for tempo/damage/card advantage, as well as enabling an eggs wincon with Razaketh and Aetherflux.

Razaketh/Aetherflux Reservoir combo for the primary win. Secondary Yuriko-Burn win-con.


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Island for Cephalid Colosium

Fairly intuitive change. The land give me the ability to dig for my combo, as well as fill graveyard. Can also be used as super secret tech to kill FishHulk on the stack by making them draw cards(?)

Negate for Tale's End

Meta call to see how popular Thassa's Oracle becomes

Spell Pierce for Insideous Dreams

Dreams is a combo piece I've considered previously but never included. If i have a Raza in hand this gives me the opportunity to discard and VT forna reanimate spell. If I've converted to 'Burns' then I can also just VT at instant speed for 2x 10+cmc spells.

Hope of Ghirapur for Putrid Imp

1cmc flyer for another, Hopes ability has never been used, so maybe Imp's discard effect comes more useful. The considerable downsides include B opposed to Colourless, and not being an artifact for Emmy cost reduction (however in my experience hardcasting Emmy there are likely to be other artifacts in the bin too.


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