This deck offers a lot synergies.

First of all, you try to get a turn 2 Yuriko trigger.

Beside that you can make all your sneaky unblockables to Ninjas to get a ton of Yuriko triggers.

The deck also offers additional pieces and strategies. With that much card draw and small creatures you can easily get good use of Opposition and Sword of Feast and Famine.

Also Shrieking Drake and his friends are very nice with Vela, while bouncing themselves equal to your mana pool.

Last not least you have some library manipulation for making Yuriko triggers very powerful. Looting effects help you getting rid of drawn expensive cards and potentially shuffling your grave in your library with Kozilek or Ulamog.

Also and finally does Doomsday searches graveyard and library for putting the 5 most expensive cards on top of library. Or a variation of expensive cards and a Conspiray-like card and/or Brainstorm.

In goldfish games it was very likely to get a 2nd turn Yuriko. My record was 21 lifeloss on turn 3.


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