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Yuriko Reality and Consultants - cEDH

Commander / EDH UB (Dimir)


This deck is intended for cEDH play

Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow is a very unique and interactive commander based around ninjutsu. Her ability allows us to cheat her into play from the commandzone without ever paying commander tax. Her trigger ability when ever ninja deals damage isn't just a win con but more importantly card advantage.

Yuriko in the past was solely disruptive cEDH Commander because of the lack immediate win conditions. Since Thassa's Oracle all Yuriko decks run the Ocacle-Consult combo (mostly as backup), switching to general archetype of the commander to adaptive playstyle

My view on the archetypes slightly differs from my discord's take, I do not believe combo is archetype anymore since everyone is running it

Pact decks run Tainted Pact as backup for Demonic Consultation; Therefore, have you run a singleton land base to allow tainted pact to exile the whole library. This means Pact players miss out on important tools such as Back to Basics and Mystic Sanctuary. Most burn heavy players made the switch to Pact archetype because they already didn't use tools such Mystic Sanctuary
Back to Basics is a very powerful stax that is really easy for two colour deck to work around (more so since we don't pay Commander tax). But the main reason to build a b2b lands base is for Mystic Sanctuary, which is a very powerful piece topdeck mulpiulation that is fetchable all blue fetch lands. This was used to recast extra turns spells or draw into needed interaction so naturally many turns heavy players kept the b2b mana base
It UB reainmator build that I don't think 100 percent viable but is kinda interesting, and only play Yuriko as a backup plan and mostly just uses her for card advantage

Our main combo is card:Thassa Oracle plus Demonic Consultation. The plan is to cast Demonic Consultation with card:Thassa's Ocacle etb on the stack.

Our second combo is card:Oboro Breezecaller and Mystic Sanctuary, you use Mystic Sanctuary to return extra a turn spell to the top of of your deck.

Thassa's Oracle - is useful top deck manipulation outside of the combo

Oboro Breezecaller - 1/1 with evasion that can fix your mana outside of the combo

NOTE: These Intuition piles are meant to be used with 3 islands in play and available fetchland or Mystic Sanctuary in hand.

Intuition - allows us to search for 3 cards and a opponent picks one to put in our hand and the others go to the graveyard, with Mystic Sanctuary we were be able to get two out of three cards found.

Intuition piles : Courtesy of MadCatMax

1. Basic pile:


-Thassa's Oracle

-Demonic Consultation

2. Thassa's Oracle in hand with protection:


-Demonic Consultation

-Force of Will

3. Demonic Consultation in hand with protection:


-Thassa's Oracle

-Force of Will

4. Turns:

-Oboro Breezecaller


-Any 5 CMC turns spell

Alt cost counters


Force of Negation

Force of Will

Mental Misstep


Normal counters

Abjure - Yuriko is easy to sac in pitch because we don't pay Commander tax

Dispel - counters Flash and other counterspells for one mana

Flusterstorm - counters Flash and other counterspells for one mana

Mystical Dispute - counters Flash and other counterspells for one mana

Spell Pierce - counters Flash and other counterspells for one mana

Spell Snare - most of the scary spell in cedh are 2 cmc

Spellstutter Sprite - we run lots of changelings making this a real nice reusable counter spell plus enabler

Tale's End - helpful to end most gaming winning combo

You need at least 11 - 12 one CMC or less enabler, I prioritize enabler with evasion and useful etb. The main goal of the enabler is to get Yuriko attacking on t2 to maximize your card advantage. Yuriko decks in the pasted uses to play 2 drop owls to fix the top card of your deck, but I much rather start draw a extra card a turn earlier.

Faerie Seer - scry 2 is powerful on it own, but also has built in evasion as well

Fourth Bridge Prowler - great for removing mana dorks and other useful unity creatures

Gingerbrute - colourless, haste and unblockable, perfect early or right after a broad wipe to help rebuild as fast as possible

Merfolk Spy - usually unlockable

Ornithopter - evasion and free to cast

Overwhelmed Apprentice - scry 2 is still powerful but lacks evasion to make it repeatable, mill 2 functions well with scheming symmetry

Slither Blade - unblockable

Spectral Sailor - Flash allows to hold up interaction and helps avoid removal, has evasion and it draw a card ability may come in handy

Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive - Most ninja become unblockable

Triton Shorestalker - unblockable

Wingcrafter - Grants Yuriko evasion

I start off by addressing the elephant in the room: Yes I know I don't run Sol Ring but I have no use for colourless mana in the early game and a t4 Sol Ring losses it appeal

Example play by play

T1: land and enabler

T2: land and Yuriko

T3: land and replay enabler and leave up interaction

T4: sol ring????

I switch out Sol Ring for Dark Ritual which many t1 lines of play that include getting Yuriko out t2

Mox Amber works really well with our Commander since she comes out cheap and we don't have to worry paying for commander tax

Chrome Mox and Mana Crypt just standard in cEDH

Changeling Outcast - actually the best ninja, doubles as a enabler

Fallen Shinobi - 4 mana to steal to two cards

Ingenious Infiltrator - almost a second Yuriko

Mist-Syndicate Naga - demands answer

Mistblade Shinobi - cheap and doubles as removal

Mothdust Changeling - doubles as removal

Sakashima's Student - second best ninja

Skullsnatcher - cheap

Universal Automaton - doubles as a enabler

I prefer removal that does any permanent

Brazen Borrower - value after cast

Chain of Vapor - cheap

Cyclonic Rift

Dismember - cheap

Sidisi's Faithful - can double as an enabler

Snuff Out - free

Submerge - free

Whiplash Trap - easily can stop many combos

The number of stax pieces have greatly decreased in almost all Yuriko list because change of Commander archetype to adaptive from disruptive,

Back to Basics - very easy to pull off as a two colour deck

Chains of Mephistopheles - Yuriko trigger ability puts cards in hand, meaning most of our card advantage is unaffected

Cursed Totem - Yuriko actived ability is only used when she is in the commandzone so she is unaffected

Grafdigger's Cage - shut off lots of unfair shenanigans like flash Hulk

Interesting interaction: Scheming Symmetry for Knowledge Exploitation, Yuriko trigger hit everyone for 7, cast Knowledge Exploitation shuffle opponents library who tutor and cast best instant or sorcery in the deck


Imperial Seal - second best top deck tutor

Lim-Dul's Vault - get at finding large CMC card to burn, but also sets up the turns afterwards

Mystical Tutor - third best top deck tutor

card:Scheming Symmetry - powerful effect with very dangerous downside, allowing your opponent to search their library can be medicated. Cards like Fallen Shinobi and card:Overwhelm Apprentice can remove the top card after it already been tutored. Knowledge Exploitation can also force a player to shuffle his library

Vampiric Tutor - best top deck tutor

Other Brainstorm - allows you to put any high CMC card in your hand top of your library and can also help you find interaction

Scroll Rack - Effects is repeatable, and allows you to put any high CMC card in your hand top of your library and can also help you find interaction

Mystic Sanctuary - can be found with a fetch land, places any instant or sorcery from your grave on top

Interesting interaction: you can discard Temporal Mastery to hand size and you Mystic Sanctuary to put it back on top before you draw using a fetch land

Temporal Trespass - delve

Temporal Mastery - synergize with top deck manipulation

Temporal Manipulation - non-exiling

Time Warp - non-exiling

Demonic Tutor - Auto include for any black deck

Diabolic Intent - Yuriko makes easy sac fodder

Hope of Ghirapur - helps before comboing off, doubles as enabler

Knowledge Exploitation - currently running ten Rouges

Mission Briefing - better then snapcaster mage because it doesn't Target and allows you to cast for alt cost

Reanimate - can be used for value or to try your luck at the combo for a second time

If interested in building Yuriko join our discord



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