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The moment this was spoiled, I had it in my head that this is pretty much Dimir's version of Edric - one of the more oppressive commanders in a competitive environment. Lacking green is a significant decrease in replayabiltiy, since we don't have Reclaim effects or cheap mana dorks, but there can be ways to work around that.
One advantage Yuriko has over Edric is that she can get around commander tax via Commander Ninjutsu. The most glaring downside to this is that it's completely reliant on creatures, so it's not as consistent at tax evasion like Darevi.

Another significant advantage is that Yuriko asymmetrically burns opponents equal to the CMC of cards revealed, however the drawback to this is you're revealing cards and giving opponents known information vs drawing them.

We want to abuse Commander Ninjutsu often, and as such, we will abuse the replacement effect of a Commander changing zones.

Cards like Curfew will bounce Yuriko, which we can then send to the command zone instead of our hand, so that we can (hopefully) connect with an unblocked attacker, and activate Yuriko's Commander Ninjutsu. Note, that Commander Ninjutsu also works in hand, so you may not need to do this, unless you're in a situation where someone can deal with cards in hand.

Edict effects like Innocent Blood work well in controlling an opposing board, while allowing us to use Commander Ninjutsu again.

We also have a decent array of creatures that can abuse removing other creatures. Exploit creatures, like Sidisi's Faithful let us sacrifice Yuriko, and bounce an opponent's creature as an added benefit. The new Cabal Therapist is fantastic; menace grants a pseudo-unblockable effects to trigger Ninjutsu, and it can help us extract cards from an opponent's hand. Kamigawa ninjas, like Walker of Secret Ways have an activated ability to bounce another Ninja to hand. All of these work well with one another to ensure we're continually getting Commander Ninjutsu.

Ninjutsu is a very interesting mechanic where we can return an unblocked attacker to then replace it with a Ninja. Since it's not dependent on dealing combat damage specifically, we can abuse cheap creatures like Ornithopter , who can swing in the air early on in a game. It's swinging for 0, however Flying is generally an evasive keyword ability so you will undoubtedly have nothing to contend with that early on in the game, which gives you an early advantage at getting Yuriko out.

While this deck has dropped its doomsday line, and thus removed it's one linear combo it had, it's still maintaining an emphasis on incorporating Creature Stax that our creatures can get around, and Stax effects that are tailored to punish other decks. Chains of Mephistopheles , Damping Matrix , Null Rod , and Arcane Laboratory all work to significantly hurt and slow down other decks. While Ninjutsu is an activated ability, we can work through Cursed Totem as it doesn't prevent creature cards that aren't on the battlefield from having their abilities activated. This means we can run this without the risk of being punished, and it will generally hurt other decks significantly more. Yuriko herself works through Chains of Mephistopheles as she reveals cards, and doesn't draw. We run minimal artifact ramp, so artifact stax will be very punishing to other decks.
Thanks to the recent changes in the rulings for split cards, cards like Rags / Riches can be revealed to hit opponents for 11, as the card's CMC now equals the combined total of both sides, and not just one side of the split card. Yuriko's ability also stacks whenever a ninja deals combat damage, so we're incorporating the best ninjas and changelings we can, to get the most out of this.


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