Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow can be a pretty oppressive Commander, for her inevitability and powerful card draw potential. Here's my attempt at building a somewhat more reasonable and interesting strategy around her.
The interesting part comes with the subthemes built into the deck environment:

Obviously some of the staple are there, but I opted to cut off all the 1-drops whose only feature is being unblockable. I kept a well rounded Ninja package, with some enablers and all the best individuals for this creature type.

Not only the classic own top deck techs. We care about ALL top decks: the list contains some tuck effects, who often play very well with our Yuriko triggers (Set Adrift, Submerge and Commit). These cards give us the ability to interact to a larger range of threats and works in tandem with our "Top deck cleaners".
Thought Scour and Predict simply mill those cards while giving us cards, Ashiok remove the threat permanently while Gonti, Thief of Sanity and Fallen Shinobi bring those goodies to ourselves.
This last section segways perfectly to our next theme.

Our main strategy will be certainly focused on connecting with Ninjas, but that will get us hated very quickly and, if we cannot out-pace our opponents, we need a backup plan, more resilient and less explosive.
This theft package is here for this very reason: making our opponents use their removal and resources removing their own threats is a great form of increasing card-advantage. In addition, many of our "thieves" can be set up with all our tucking based removals, picking for us often the best tool on the board.

A not so small theft package gives us something to do when we can't or don't want to rely on solely on a gameplan focused on our Ninja lady. The aforementioned Gonti-like effects not only give us an insane card-advantage, but give us access to things out of our colors capabilities. In addition we can list Nightveil Specter and Knowledge Exploitation.

Emrakul brings an interesting deckbuilding challenge: maximize the number of card types to reliably get the most from that discount ability she offers us. Here this giant Eldrazi plays two fundamental roles: she is a high CMC card to reveal from the top, while her Delirium-like discount ability makes her castable in the late game to use her as a finisher. Filling our own graveyard is something the deck wants to do already to fuel up all those Delve cards we need to play. So, we only need to include some cards with multiple super-types, like Discovery / Dispersal , Ornithopter or Hypnotic Siren . When one of those hits the bin, suddenly those 13 mana turn into 11 mana and so on.

In the end, if everything goes accordingly to our plans, our graveyard could easily contain:

The final risult could be even a 13/13 Mindslaving beater for only 6 mana. Pretty good deal!
Final note: since Ninjutsu cares only if the returning creature is unblocked, we can use it after damage to get Emrakul in our and and have another cast trigger.


  • Treasure Cruise
  • Mission Briefing
  • Imprisoned in the Moon


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