Yuriko is where big CMC spells and aggressive game plans meet in beautiful harmony.

The deck is designed to take advantage of many of the mechanics over the history of Magic allowing you to pay less than the stated mana cost of a card to cast it. This includes the following mechanics:
Alternative costs
Hybrid Mana
Urza Block "free" spells

The main goal is to use spells with such mechanics onboard, allowing them to be cast comparably cheaply regardless of what other cards I'm drawing. I am avoiding the use of the more "glass-cannon" approach of many Doomsday-centric builds for Yuriko, maintaining resiliency to the deck while still aiming to be very aggressively sped.

If you have any specific card recommendations, I am glad for the input! I also have cards I am working on finding places within the deck in the maybeboard, and appreciate input on what may be good cuts to fit them in.


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