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As soon as Ivy, Gleeful Spellthief was spoiled, I knew I wanted to build this deck. Ivy provides a unique twist for a Simic commander. I want to make as many copies of Ivy as possible and smash the table with them. If you are looking for a unique twist on a tempo-style deck for Commander, you’re in the right place!

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To put it best, Ivy is a value engine in the command zone for . Ivy is a 2/1 with flying that reads “whenever a player casts a spell that targets only a single creature other than Ivy, you may copy that spell. The copy targets Ivy. A copy of an Aura spell becomes a token.” Ivy doubles the value of targeted spells. Normally, the only target spells people are playing is removal, such as Swords to Plowshares. Outside of Zada, Hedron Grinder style decks, most players are not looking to play things like Combat Research. Why? Cards like this walk into the trap of getting “two for one’d.” However, Ivy not only gets around this downside, but simply abuses it. With Ivy and another creature, there will be two instances of Combat Research, adding double the potential card draw. As well, you still have one instance of Combat Research even if one of the creatures gets removed. Speaking of removal, this same principle applies to protection spells like Royal Treatment. Now, this effect becomes exponential as more copies of Ivy grants more copies of the targeted spell.

One of the methods to get multiple Ivy, Gleeful Spellthiefs is to remove the legend rule. Here are some of the cards that facilitate this:

Mutate Rules (From MTG Wiki):

The full rules about mutate can be found here on MTG Wiki ( However, there are some things I want to point out.

    Mutating creature spell is a creature spell.
    The resulting merged creature has all of the characteristics (name, creature type, color, power, and toughness) of the topmost card or token, and it also has all abilities (the part in the text box) from its other cards and tokens.
    The characteristics of the combined merged creature are copyable.
    If the merged creature has an ability referring to it by name, it means “this creature”, even if the mutating creature causes it to have a new name.

In the Commander variant, if a commander is part of a merged creature, the resulting creature is a commander. If it leaves the battlefield and the commander is moved to the command zone instead, that permanent and the other cards contained by that permanent go to the appropriate zone while the commander card goes to the command zone.

Why is this important? Because mutate is one method to start creating an army of Ivy, Gleeful Spellthief kinda. Let’s take the example of Ivy, Gleeful Spellthief and Migratory Greathorn. With Ivy, Gleeful Spellthief already on the field, mutate Migratory Greathorn onto Ivy and put Greathorn as the top creature. Now, you have a flying 3 /4 Migratory Greathorn that puts a basic land into play tapped and has “whenever a player casts a spell that targets only a single creature other than Migratory Greathorn, you may copy that spell. The copy targets Migratory Greathorn. (A copy of an aura spell becomes a token.). Great, now there is a creature with Ivy’s ability that isn’t legendary and can be copied. Let’s keep it going. Let’s say that Wood Elves is already on the field and you target it with See Double. Once it resolves, you will have two Wood Elves and two of the mutated Migratory Greathorns/Ivy. Let’s take one more step. Let’s target Wood Elves with Dreamtail Heron. Because it isn’t targeting the Greathorns, you can copy the mutate trigger two more times. This gets you three cards and two basic lands onto the battlefield tapped. This works also if Wood Elves is targeted by Migratory Greathorn first with Ivy on the field. The Greathorn trigger can be placed on top of Ivy to gain the same result.

Here is a situation I wasn’t sure about until I played around with it on Magic Online. For example; Ivy, Gleeful Spelllthief and Elvish Mystic are on the battlefield. Like before, mutate Migratory Greathorn onto Elvish Mystic. Mutuate shenanigans ensue. Now, here is the important part. For both Elvish Mystic and Ivy, place Migratory Greathorn as the top creature. Now, there is one Migratory Greathorn that can tap for and another with Ivy’s ability. Let’s say that Rune of Might is played on the Elvish Mystic version of Greathorn. Even though they have the same name, the Ivy version will trigger and copy the Rune of Might. Long story short: don’t target any creature that has Ivy’s ability so that the spell gets copied. I’m not sure if this tripped up anyone else, but I put it here just in case.

So, wait. Where are all the mutate creatures? Here is my problem with mutate:

First, it costs way too much to mutate. Besides Sea-Dasher Octopus and Gemrazer, I don’t think most of the mutate creatures are worth the cost. Even some of the other cheaper mutate creatures need other mutate creatures to have an impactful effect. This deck has a low-cmc and most mutate creatures don’t support my low curve well.

Second, there isn’t enough support. This mechanic is currently only in one set Ikoria, Lair of Behemoths and there are only 12 mutate creatures in Ivy’s colors. Of those 12, only two are worth my time, Sea-Dasher Octopus and Gemrazer. Sea-Dasher Octopus is instant speed and draws a card after damage for . Gemrazer is Naturalize that modifies Ivy into a 4/4 with trample and reach. Even then, I’ve cut both of them from my list. Yes, they help make tokens of Ivy. However, Vesuvan Duplimancy does the same thing and isn’t taking two card slots.

I know y’all are thinking. “Pause! GregariousG, you said that you didn’t think mutate was good enough to add to Ivy. You said all this stuff about there not being enough support and that you basically thought only Gemrazer was good enough! I’m pretty sure I see multiple mutate creatures in the list now!” Well, I stick by what I said, for the most part. I don’t think that the mutate route is nearly as strong as enchantments. However, you know what is completely busted? Cloudstone Curio. This card is the reason that mutate creatures are back in. I can’t bounce and replay instants and sorceries with the same ease as creatures and enchantments. Though I won’t have Cloudstone Curio every game, it is strong enough to warrant building around, especially if you’ve played with this card before.

Enchantress is another route that Ivy can take. Because Aura spells target, Ivy will gain a copy attached to her. In this shell, most of the aura cards will either make creatures unblockable, scry, or draw a card. Now, Ivy doubles the value of each aura played. One of the advantages that has within its enchantment options is the fact that it provides great value for a cheap cost. This route is especially strong with Ancestral Mask which compounds off itself.

Once again, why is there no classic enchantress support? I think enchantress is an archetype best supported with . Ivy misses out on cards like Ethereal Armor, Michiko's Reign of Truth  , and All That Glitters. As well, most enchantress effects (like Herald of the Pantheon, Argothian Enchantress, and Enchantress's Presence) trigger off cast, not enter. As of now, Setessan Champion, Sanctum Weaver, Eutropia the Twice-Favored, or Eidolon of Blossoms are my only consideration to add into the deck due to its constellation effect. With cheaper enchantments, constellation gets out of hand quickly. Though this list is not an enchantress build, it leans very heavily on auras.

Early Game (Turn 1 to 3): This deck is all about setup. On Turn 1 or 2, I want to have a mana dork or a creature that draws cards, like Ledger Shredder, Stormchaser Drake, or Setessan Champion. Play Ivy when you have three mana, two for her and one for protection. If your opponents are determined to get rid of her through protection, that’s ok. The benefit that Ivy has is that she is only and is easy to recast. It depends on the situation, but you could play Ivy to bait out counters and removal on Turn 2. Because this deck mulligans well, it is almost necessary to have or . Why? This is the best setup to support the variety of early game interaction. There has been many times where I’ve been bopped because my mana combination of or didn’t support what was in my hand. Most of the games I’ve played where I had a bad experience was due to going too risky and keeping poor mana.

Mid Game (Turn 4 to 7): If you untap with Ivy, the rest of the game is Protect the Queen. Simply, plenty of the creatures in this deck can flat-out win the game if left unchecked. Ivy, in particular, is a kill-on-sight commander. Thus, it is your job to protect her and whatever other complementary creature is with her. Unless she is by herself, never target Ivy. Instead, target another creature on the field so that Ivy doubles the effect. If an opponent plays Swords to Plowshares on Ivy when you have Ivy and Stormchaser Drake, target Stormchaser with the protection. That way you draw a card from Stormchaser and provide double protection. Remember, Ivy’s copy ability is a may trigger. There will be more detail about counters and protection below, because it is important to use certain cards at certain times. There is only one other instance where you will directly target Ivy and that is when Vesuvan Duplimancy is in play. Then, it is cool to target Ivy to get more Ivys.

Late Game (Turn 7 to beyond): If the game is going long and I feel like I’m losing control, I tutor for Venerated Rotpriest. At this point, Rotpriest and Ivy can just storm off and infect the board. Another busted late game combo is Setessan Champion and Vesuvan Duplimancy. These two cards will just draw through the deck and I’m not even accounting if Ivy is on the field. I prefer Setessan Champion over Eidolon of Blossom because Champion grows everytime constellation is triggered. As well, this is where Avabruck Caretaker   shines, especially when copied. Two Avabruck Caretaker   will pump each other and make two hexproof beaters. That’s not even taking into account Caretakers flipping.

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The statement I’m about to make will seem very generic and obvious, but it is more so with this Ivy deck. Ivy really needs to get set up. Any heavy disruption in the early game significantly hurts Ivy. Thus, I’m not a fan of playing against mono- with, once again, heavy disruption. This isn’t to say that other colors won’t use this game plan, but sacrifice and discard seems to be the main game plan for mono-. As well, go wide strategies can be an issue for Ivy. This deck doesn’t produce a stacked board of creatures like other decks. Yes, Adrix and Nev, Twincasters can pop-off at times, but that isn’t guaranteed. Because this deck is more focused on attacking, not having blockers or life gain can leave you open for retaliation.

Here is a list of Commanders that I found to be extra fun to play against with Ivy:

  • Ivy, Gleeful Spellthief: Yup, this is one of the more fun matchups. Just make sure that you get your Ivy out first or at the same time. I’ve found that most other versions of Ivy are not a tempo build like this one, which is great. That means you get all the spells I felt weren’t good enough for free without it being in the deck.
  • Any Mutate Commander: Snapdax, Apex of the Hunt, Illuna, Apex of Wishes, Nethroi, Apex of Death, Vadrok, Apex of Thunder, and Brokkos, Apex of Power. Nethroi and Brokkos don’t synergize as much with what Ivy wants to do, but they do provide a good change in stats.
  • Any Aura Commander:Tuvasa the Sunlit, Estrid, the Masked, Kestia, the Cultivator, and Light-Paws, Emperor's Voice: Come on, now. You know exactly why this match-up is real fun Ivy. For real, some of these commanders are also playing Ivy, which should tell you something.
  • Any Combat Trick Commander:Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest and Zada, Hedron Grinder
  • Boseiju, Who Endures: This is, most of the time, an uncounterable artifact/enchantment/non-basic land removal for . At its worst, Boseiju is an expensive Forest. Dumb.
  • Hedge Maze: Yes, it enters tapped, but that doesn’t matter for T1 or past T4. The is another multicolor land that also provides surveil 1. Also, this is forest/island fetchable.
  • Lumbering Falls and Restless Vinestalk: Yes, it enters tapped, but that doesn’t matter for T1 or past T4. In a pinch, Lumbering Falls can turn into a 3/3 with hexproof for . Same with Restless Vinestalk, turning into a 5/5 with trample and it can turn another creature into 3/3. If need be, this can become pseudo-ramp with Vesuvan Duplimancy.
  • Mystic Sanctuary: This will recover an instant or sorcery if there are three or more other islands on the battlefield.
  • Otawara, Soaring City: This is an uncounterable bounce of at most.
  • Reliquary Tower: Sometimes, this deck gets to the point where it will consistently have more than seven cards in hand. Most of the time, I don’t mind pitching pointless cards, like Elvish Mystic past turn 4 or 5. However, I want a handful of protection, counters, and enchantments, thus why Reliquary Tower is included.
  • Rimewood Falls: If you have a fetchland and no T1 play, fetch this instead of Breeding Pool.
  • Mana Dorks: Arbor Elf, Birds of Paradise, Elvish Mystic, and Paradise Druid. Birds of Paradise and Paradise Druid stands out not only because they tap for any color, but one has flying and the other has pseudo-hexproof.
  • Enter the Unknown: For target creature explores, which can draw a land or filter a card and puts a +1/+1 counter on that target creature. All that is fine, but it's the extra land drop that I care about. This deck likes to draw cards so having a land to drop shouldn’t be an issue a majority of the time. Now, what if you could get this effect multiple times for, again, ? Yeah, Ivy makes this card so much better. The more Ivys you have, the more you can explore and drop an extra land.
  • Kodama of the West Tree: Most of the creatures in this deck will either have an aura attached to them or a +1/+1 counter. Because of that, Kodama fits perfectly. Kodama provided another source of trample and pulls out the basics in the deck.
  • Nature's Lore and Three Visit: Think of this as a second copy of Breeding Pool, Hedge Maze, or Rimewood Falls.
  • Sanctum Weaver: This is the best dork in the deck, providing mana equal to the amount of enchantments owned on the battlefield. Weaver gets even better when copied.
  • Sol Ring: Y’all, stop it. You know what this does.
  • Double Major: This provides another copy of whatever creature spell you cast. Ideally, this will give you two Ivys for .
  • Glasspool Mimic  : Land and a Clone. Yes, please!
  • Irenicus's Vile Duplication: This creates a copy of target creature, except it is non-legendary and has flying. This is one of the many ways to get a non-legendary copy of Ivy. What’s best about Irenicus's Vile Duplication is that it will trigger twice if it is used to target a different creature while Ivy is on the battlefield.
  • Sakashima of a Thousand Faces: Sakashima is my second or more copy of Ivy, Gleeful Spellthief. Not only will he copy Ivy, Sakashima will negate the legend rule for my side of the board, along for more token copies of Ivy and other legendary creatures.
  • Cold-Eyed Selkie: Selkie draws cards equal to the amount of combat damage dealt to a player. Though it starts off as a 1/1, its power can greatly increase with any combination of auras, mutate, and/or +1/+1 counters. Selkie also has islandwalk, making dealing damage much easier as most players will be playing .
  • Eidolon of Blossoms: Eidolon of Blossoms draws a card when itself or another enchantment enters the battlefield under my control. The important word here is enters and not cast. Because of that, copied enchantments will trigger EoB and draw additional cards. This is not a may trigger, so be careful with multiple copies of EoB.
  • Ledger Shredder: Ledger Shredder is another card draw engine. When any player cast their second spell each turn, Ledger Shredder connives. This can filter cards and provide +1/+1 counters four times per turn, assuming you are playing a four player game. Shredder has also saved me numerous times in extended interaction, sometimes drawing me into that protection or counterspell needed due to the connive ability.
  • Rhystic Study: Rhystic provides card advantage and a stax element to my gameplan. This is either slowing my opponents down or drawing me cards; both plans work for me.
  • Stormchaser Drake: Stormchaser Drake is the best target for enchantments, mutate, instants, and sorceries. Why? Because Stormchaser is evasive due to flying and draws a card when targeted by a spell I control. This is another avenue to keep my hand full.
  • Sylvan Library: Early card draw for life.
  • Toski, Bearer of Secrets: Because it is uncounterable and has indestructible, Toski is one of the best options for drawing cards. Toski is one of the better targets for mutate spells because it is forced to attack every turn. No one minds blocking a 1/1, but there is much more hesitation when Toski is a 6/6 with trample.
  • Gemrazer: This is the best mutate creature in these colors. For , this destroys an artifact or enchantment an opponent controls. As well, Gemrzer can change the base stats to a 4/4 with reach and trample. The combination of Naturalize and the trample keyword for a cheap cost makes Gemrazer a great addition.
  • Migratory Greathorn: When Greathorn mutates, search for a basic land and put it on the battlefield tapped. This is the mutate card that I play immediately, regardless if Ivy is on the field or not. Yes, it is better doubled, but the earlier ramp is too good to pass up.
  • Pouncing Shoreshark: Like most of the other mutate, I’m almost never playing this for the regular as a 4/3 with flash. Nah, I’m good. However, Pouncing Shoreshark is great because of its mutate ability for . When mutated, you get an Unsummon along with a possible base stat modification.
  • Sawtusk Demolisher: Even though it naturally costs , I almost always play this for its mutate cost. When mutated, this can change the creature into a 6/6 with trample that destroys a noncreature permanent and replaces it with a 3/3 beast token. This can be used offensively to blow up troublesome non-creature permanents. As well, this can be used defensively to trade in permanents, like Audacity, for blockers and additional targets for Ivy.
  • Sea-Dasher Octopus: This is one of the mutatecreatures that will generally be placed under the pile. For , this creature will draw a card when it deals combat damage. What is best about Sea-Dasher is that it has flash and is an instant speed mutate for this deck.
  • Trumpeting Gnar: Trumpeting Gnar is one of the few mutatecreatures that I’m willing to play for its base cost of . Though I think the mutate cost of symbol:g/usymbol:g/u is pretty costly for the effect, mutating Trumpeting Gnar on another creature with Ivy on the field is too silly to pass up. This can quickly flood the board with 3/3 beast tokens. .
  • Chain of Vapor: This is a flexible spell for permanents. Similar to Cloudstone Curio, I have no problem bouncing an aura back into my hand for another Ivy trigger. Late game, I don’t mind sacrificing a land to bounce something else. There is a risk that an opponent can bounce one of my permanents, but worth it a majority of the time.
  • Beast Within: Remove a permanent at instant speed and replace it with a 3/3 beast. Yeah, that's good.
  • Counterspells: An Offer You Can't Refuse, Counterspell, Fierce Guardianship, Flusterstorm, and Swan Song.
  • Repulsive Mutation: This card plays the same as Stubborn Denial. This card, in all reality, is a Mana Leak equal to your highest power on the board for . Even without accounting for the , that is an effective counterspell. On top of that, this card targets a single creature, thus should be copied by Ivy.
  • Cyclonic Rift: This is this deck's only form of mass removal. It’s best to hold this until .
  • Ancestral Mask and Auramancer's Guise: These two enchantments are the haymakers of the deck. Ancestral Mask provides +2/+2 for each other enchantment on the battlefield. That’s every enchantment, not just mined. By itself, it does nothing. However, this is offset by Ivy’s copying effects, creating two copies that see themselves. Auramancer's Guise, on the underhand, provides +2/+2 for each aura attached to the creature and provides vigilance. Both of these, especially when copied, can end games quickly.
  • Aqueous Form, Combat Research, Curious Obsession, Security Bypass, and Snake Umbra: You want one of these auras every game. Aqueous Form provides unblockable and scry on attack. Combat Research draws a card when combat damage is dealt to a player and provides +1/+1 and ward when attached to a legendary creature. This is my preferred enchantment for the early game, providing card draw and protection of Ivy if she isn’t under a mutate pile. Curious Obsession does the same thing as Combat Research, but lacks the ward and requires constant attacking. As a tempo deck, maintaining Curious Obsession is pretty easy. Security Bypass provides unblockable if the creature attacks alone. That’s good, but isn’t always going to utilized. What is great about Security Bypass is the connives effect when a player is dealt damage. This will grow the aura holder ideally with every passing turn, filtering through cards we want or don’t need. Snake Umbra, though the most costly, provides a Sixth Sense effect and protection through totem armor.
  • Rune of Might: +1/+1 and trample is nice. However, Rune of Might is here to draw a card when it enters the battlefield. Though it may seem like a small effect, drawing two for is quite strong. Don’t get me started on how good this is with Cloudstone Curio.
  • Shielding Plax: Same as Rune of Might, but better. Plax provides the much needed hexproof.
  • Slip Through Space: For , target creature is unblockable and draws a card.
  • Instant Speed Protection: Gaea's Gift, March of Swirling Mists, Shore Up, Slip Out the Back, Tamiyo's Safekeeping, and Tyvar's Stand. I think it is best to look at this section based on the situation:
  • Please note: This is an order of importance. Cards in Category 3 can be used in all situations while Category 1 cannot.

    Category 1.)Targeted removal, like Swords to Plowshares: Royal Treatment. This is hexproof and provides the Noble role, which is +1/+1 and ward 1. Royal Treatment is also good because it triggers constellation

    Category 2.)Boardwipes that destroy, like Wrath of God: Gaea's Gift, Heroic Intervention, Tamiyo's Safekeeping, and Tyvar's Stand. Indestructible comes into play here. These cards are great because they provide both hexproof and indestructible. Remember, Tamiyo's Safekeeping is one of the few cards in this list that can protect Vesuvan Duplimancy. Again, the usage is situational. If I have any combination of these cards in hand for whatever reason and only Ivy and a creature worth saving, Safekeeping and Gift are used first. If I have Gift, Safekeeping or Intervention and one of the cards from Category 1, use Category 1 first and hold Category 2.

    Note: Though it isn’t instant-speed, Snake Umbra can be used as a protection against destroy-effects.

    Category 3.)Boardwipes that exiles, sacrifice effects, or provide -X/-X, like Farewell and The Meathook Massacre: March of Swirling Mists and Slip Out the Back. The listed boardwipes don’t care about hexproof and/or indestructible. Thus, saving protection with phasing for last. There are times where you want your opponents to wipe the battlefield. With phasing, you can keep your creatures while everyone else gets reset.

      Note Note: Tyvar's Stand can be placed here to deal with -X/-X spells. However, this requires a bunch of open mana.
  • Archdruid's Charm: I’m going to write this one because I’ve added this busted card to so many of my decks. This card does five things; any land tutor and puts it on the battlefield, creature tutor, +1/+1 counter with a bite, not a fight, artifact exile, and enchantment exile. All of this flexibility for . Busted. I feel like there is almost no reason not to play this card in decks that have three or less colors, especially if the deck’s primary color is . Look, you can play this reasonably by turn four if I can play Tribute to the World Tree in Rocco by turn three. I’m just saying.
  • Bala Ged Recovery  : Regrowth or a land.
  • Elusive Otter: Otter is included mainly for the creature half. Elusive Otter has prowess and can’t be blocked by creatures with less power than itself. That means that Otter will become a large unblockable threat, making it a great candidate for enchantments. Even when Otter is drawn later in the game, Elusive Otter can place +1/+1 counter on a creature. Please note that whatever X is will be copied if only a single creature is being targeted. This is the one drop that I wanted.
  • Eutropia the Twice-Favored: At first, Eutropia doesn’t seem like it does much. However, the +1/+1 counters provided can quickly get out of hand, pumping up our creatures greatly. As well, Eutopia provides the ever valuable flying allowing my beaters to get in combat damage with evasion. I’m discovering that most things with constellation gets out of hand in this deck.
  • Finale of Devastation: A classic tutor in . Take note that Finale can grab creatures in the graveyard as well as the library, which is great for recursion. If the game goes long and the mana is available, Finale can be used as an Overrun-effect to end the game, depending on the board state.
  • Roaming Throne: At its base, RThrone is a 4/4 with ward 2, making it harder to target. When RThrone enters the battlefield, choose a creature type. RThrone is also that said creature type and causes triggered abilities of that type to trigger again. RThrone works great with Ivy because it doubles her copy triggers. Even with a single Ivy, RThrone creates plenty of value by doubling up strong enchantments and recasting strong instants/sorceries. Now, what is the type that RThrone should be? Rogue. First, Ivy is the only Faerie currently. Second, Cold-Eyed Selkie is also a rogue, so that's double the draw after combat damage. Third, RThrone will then become a rogue, which will require double ward 2 triggers. As always, this is a card that is good by itself and busted in multiples for clear reasons. Ok, so what other tribes should be named with RThrone?
    • Beast: This is generally the best option, even though Ivy isn’t naturally a beast. This is important because sometimes Ivy will have the beast subtype. To be fair, any non-human creature can have the beast subtype due to mutate. Besides that, this will provide double triggers of all mutuate creatures. For example, I get double draw and double mutate if I have Cold-Eyed Selkie with Gemrazer. Long story short, pick beast of you have a mutate creature in hand when you play RThrone.
      Vehicle: This is probably the least relevant but doubling Esika's Chariot is kinda silly.
  • Season of Growth: I heard you like Stormchaser Drake. So, I made all your creatures Stormchaser Drake. As well, you can scry 1 when a creature enters under your control. Solid card.
  • Twinning Staff: Twinning Staff generates an additional copy of a spell instead of one. This triples the effects of whatever you play with Ivy on the battlefield for free.
  • Adrix and Nev, Twincasters: Let’s get this out of the way; Ivy copies spells rather than permanents These tokens come into existence but are not created by her. Thus Ivy and Parallel Lives-effects don’t work like you think they would. Here is the thing; I’m fine with that. Adrix and Nev are here to double up every other duplication effect in the deck. This and Esika's Chariot are the two cards that directly address one of the issues with this deck; blockers. With Adrix and Nev, the extra tokens provide additional value and more attackers and blockers. As well, Adrix and Nev is a great mutate target and a great target for duplication effects. Remember, Adrix and Nev double ups exponentially with multiple copies. For example, let's say you play See Double on Elvish Mystic:
  • Avabruck Caretaker  : For , Avabruck Caretaker   is a 4/4 with hexproof that places 2 +1/+1 counters on another creature at the beginning of combat. Due to hexproof and the counters being a combat trigger, Caretaker has immediate impact on the board and is impossible to remove with spot removal. Hollowhenge Huntmaster   is an absolute house, being a 6/6 with hexproof that puts two +1/+1 counters on each creature control. Here is the important thing; tokens don’t have a back side. Thus, whatever is copied is what the token is forever. Ideally, Hollowhenge Huntmaster   is what needs to be copied. Even with a single copy, this is a card that gets out of hand quickly if it isn;t dealt with immediately.
  • Cloudstone Curio: Oh, Cloudstone. This is the infamous card that goes infinite with a ham sandwich. Grant, I’m not trying to go infinite in the deck. However, we will be using Cloudstone to create plenty of value. Cloudstone provides the ability to bounce piles of enchantments or mutate creates back to my hand. Think about it through this example. Let’s say you have good old Elvish Mystic with Shielding Plax enchanted on it and Ivy, Gleeful Spellthief on the battlefield. You play Rune of Might on Elvish Mystic. This will trigger Ivy, granting her a copy of Rune of Might. Ivy’s copy will enter first. Due to Cloudstone Curio’s ability, you can bounce Shielding Plax back to your hand. Then, play Shielding Plax on the Elvish Mystic. Again, this will trigger Ivy, causing her to create a copy of Shielding Plax. That copy will enter the battlefield, which can then bounce the original copy of Rune of Might. This gets quickly out of hand with all of the and mana enchantments. Similar with mutate. Casting a mutute spell will trigger Cloudstone and allow you to pick up the entire original mutate pile. The mutate creature spell will enter as the creature. If you don’t think this is beyond dumb, just keep boucning and copying Ancestral Mask, Curious Obession, and/or Combat Reearch.
  • Doppelgang: This is the EDH card of Murder at Karlov Manor. At its base of , Doppelgang makes one token copy of any permanent. Not just yours, not nonland, but anypermanent. That is standard for . However, Doppelgang gets crazier the more mana you put into it. For , Doppelgang makes two copies of two target permanents. That’s four additional permanents! Please notice that you must target X different permanents. That shouldn’t be an issue as you can target lands if you want. I’ll provide the equation for Doppelgang below:
    • X^2 = Y
      - 2^2 = 4
      - 3^2 = 9
      - 4^2 = 16
      - 5^2 = 25
      - 6^2 = 36
  • Simply, this spell is a mana dump and an amazing one at that! Combine this with Adrix and Nev, Twincasters to make your calculator explode.
  • Esika's Chariot: If Second Harvest is burst copying, then Esika's Chariot is sustained copying. First, Chariot has four power over two creatures. Again, this creates much needed blockers, but this fact is not why Esika's Chariot is busted. Esika’s Chariot creates a token that’s a copy of a target token you control on attack, not damage. Yes, you could and sometimes will create another copy of a 2/2 cat token. And yes, sometimes you will copy creature tokens, which is great. If you have a token copy of Ivy, go get another one with Chariot. However, Esika’s Chariot is here to also copy tokens attached to Ivy. Do you have a token copy of Ancestral Mask on Ivy? Attack with Chariot and get another one! Just like Second Harvest, these copies enter the battlefield attached to whatever you want. That’s dumb. Finally, Esika's Chariot is a great target to copy. Why is that? Because it can keep duplicating itself. And, my friends, is really dumb.
  • I’m gonna give respect and props where props are due. After talking with r3spawnftw, I didn’t even think about the fact that Esika's Chariot is a great mutate target. If a mutate creature is placed above Esika's Chariot, it loses the crew 4 and its legendary status. If themutate creature is placed under Chariot, this provides a slightly harder to remove target, as it is an artifact, and not a creature, a majority of the time.
  • Setessan Champion: After playing numerous games with this card and watching it pop off, Setessan Champion deserves to be in this section. This is the human version of Eidolon of Blossoms and one of the best partners with Ivy. Though it doesn’t trigger itself, it does cost cheaper and buffs itself by +1/+1 per trigger. Over time, Champion will become a massive beater. The combination of becoming huge and drawing cards makes Setessan Champion a problem that needs to be dealt with sooner than later. .
  • Venerated Rotpriest: Let’s start out with the baseline. This is a 1 /2 with toxic 1 for . Yes, you can poison out an opponent via toxic if you make enough Rotpriests. Cool, but toxic isn’t the reason why Rotpriest is in this deck. Rotpriest gives an opponent a poison counter whenever a creature you control becomes a target of a spell. This includes your spells and opponents spells. By itself, Rotpriest acts as a deterrent from removal and a slow combo piece with Ivy’s game plan. Rotpriest works well with multiple target cards, like March of Swirling Mist, for multiple triggers. With Ivy, Rotpriest will trigger twice with every single target spell. So, five spells equals one dead opponent. The threat occurs when there is more than one Rotpriest. Thus, a Slip Out the Back with two Rotpriests and one Ivy causes four poison counters. The more Rotpriests and Ivys, the more likely you can poison the table by simply executing the typical Ivy gameplan. I know that there are plenty of Rotpriest highlights in 1 vs 1 games, which I can confirm that it gets out of control in that setting. However, Rotpriest adds plenty of board pressure in multiple player games, threatening to end the game quickly by just playing the deck as intended. Rotpriest adds a level of “reach” that this deck lacked before.
  • Vesuvan Duplimancy: This card was made for Ivy, Gleeful Spellthief. Whenever you cast a spell (including mutate) that targets only a single artifact or creature you control, create a token that’s a copy, except it’s not legendary. Oh my, that’s bonkers. Due note that Ivy’s copying effect does not trigger Vesuvan Duplimancy and that's perfectly fine. Just target Ivy when you don’t need the value from doubling. A great opportunity for Duplimancy is when Ivy is being targeted. In this situation, you don’t mind losing out on something like the additional +1/+1 counter from Snakeskin Veil to get another copy of Ivy. Even if I’m not targeting Ivy, getting a second or third copy of most of the creatures in this deck snowballs heavily. Even better, this is another way to get around the legendary rule, so feel free to get double the cards for multiple Toski, Bearer of Secrets or double the +1/+1 counters from multiple Eutropia the Twice-Favored. Like Parallel Lives, it’s best to defend this card like crazy cause your opponents aren’t going to let you have this most of the time. Mine haven't for good reason…..
  • your text here

    2.15.24 - More Mutate?

    Pouncing Shoreshark has been pretty good in testing as an additional form of interaction. I don’t think I need three forms of creature tutors with Finale of Devastation and Archdruid's Charm. Worldly Tutor, though a great card, is not necessary. There is a similar evaluation with Mystical Tutor. Mystical Tutor is a great card. However, what am I tutoring for? I rather have more things that push the gameplan forward. I figure I’ll slot in Trumpeting Gnar. Gnar helps with one of the biggest issues with this deck, blockers. Getting a 3/3 with every mutate trigger will help flood the board. Llanowar Elves is best early while Three Visit is great early and mid. I rather have a land drop than a fragile creature that I have multiple other variations of already. I still stand by the statement that mutate creatures in these colors aren’t that great. However, they are good enough to play with until Wizards releases more.

    2.1.24 - Murders at Karlow Manor Edition

    Hedge Maze is a fetchable dual land that also has card filtering. This is just better than Temple of Mystery. You can change out Rimewood Falls for this, but I like the art. Archdruid's Charm is a sidegrade for Force of Vigor. Force is so strong because it can be played for free. I like the utility of Archdruid’s Charm because I’m not always in the position where I need to blow up an artifact or enchantment. I’m greedy so Dopplegang is in over See Double. Delay is excellent as a counterspell, especially during counter wars. However, Repulsive Mutation is a pump and counter in one. If it isn’t great, I’ll switch back to Delay.

    12.7.23 - The Lost Caverns of Ixalian Update

    This was such a good set. Destiny Spinner is good, but is a sideboard card. First, Destiny Spinner loses so much impact if you are playing against . Second, you are also playing counterspells. I’ve had Destiny Spinner just be a constellation proc for a majority of my games. Enter the Unknown is in because I forgot how good the explore mechanic is. Explore can draw a land or filter a card and puts a +1/+1 counter on the target creature. However, the extra land drop for is the hook for me. Now, what if you can spend to explore and get an extra land drop….multiple times? Ok, Second Harvest is a burst card that is situational. The times I’ve played this card was after I started going crazy with Adrix and Nev, Twincasters or Vesuvan Duplimacy. More often than not, Second Harvest would just sit in my hand and was more of a win more card. Thus, I replaced it with Walking Throne. To be fair, you could say that Roaming Throne is a win more card itself. I would agree with you to an extent. Roaming Throne can be played whenever, unlike Second Harvest. As well, Roaming Throne fits perfectly with my tribal synergy in this deck. What tribe is that? Ivy. This is Ivy tribal.

    9.14.2023 - More Wilds of Eldraine Addition….Edition

    Elusive Otter is a pump spell with Elusive Otter and an evasive beater all in one. Though I do like Canopy Cover, it is nice to have an additional cheap body to put pants on.

    9.14.2023 - Wilds of Eldraine Edition

    I think that Wilds of Eldraine Edition add plenty of possible additions. However, I don’t think most of them were better than what I am currently doing or adding something different. Royal Treatment is just a strict upgrade to Shore Up, providing ward 1, +1/+1, and, most importantly, an enchantment. Restless Vinestalk was an immediate include because it is a duel land that isn’t terrible, like Vineglimmer Snarl, though the new art is nice.

    7.4.2023 - The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth - Ain’t Nothing Here Edition

    Unless I’m missing something, LotR has nothing for Ivy. Rivendell is a good utility land that I’m going to try out. However, it may cause some issues due to the legendary clause.. Really, I like the card art. I planned on adding extra lands anyways. It doesn’t happen a lot that I don’t have enough land, but I would rather mitigate that risk further. This deck needs a good start and not having enough lands in the begin of the game is just too brutal. Audacity is good, but wasn’t necessary. Force of Vigor is just an upgrade to Nature's Claim.

    4.25.2023 - Copies?

    See Double is a silly card and one of the better copy spells. It is more than Cackling Counterpart but it is worth it.

    4.11.2023 - No March of the Machine Cards

    As of now, I don’t see anything worth adding from this set and that’s fine. Battles seem ok and I need to see how well they play out. See Double and Faerie Mastermind seems like cards I will keep an eye on. With this deck, I’m constantly trying to address the issue of board presence and top-end bombs. Avabruck Caretaker   is just a good card that addresses both of those issues. No, this can’t be mutated on, which cuts off four cards within the deck. Though it doesn’t have regenerate, Caretaker has hexproof and can give all other permanents control hexproof. Unlike Thrun, Caretaker actually provides utility besides its stickiness. To be fair, the only thing that both Thrun, the Last Troll and Thrun, Breaker of Silence, which I’ve cut from my online version, does is be a sticky threat that needs to survive until the next turn to be useful. I want more from my top-end, as I’ve found out. The ability to put 2 +1/+1 counters on a creature then all creatures when flipped helps pump up the team. With all of this, the fact that Caretaker isn’t legendary and has immediate impact solidifies the switch.

    3.14.2023 - Critical Update

    Chain of Vapor is an upgraded but risker Alchemist's Retrieval. I don’t like paying to bounce an opponent’s permanent. Rimewood Falls is in over Tangled Islet because the waterfall art is wonderful.


    After playtesting, I’ve been over impressed with Tyvar's Stand. Even at , Tyvar’s Stand is a great flexible protection piece. I’ve had both Stand and Snakeskin Veil in my hand and Stand has been the better option 80% of the time. I’m switching Pongify for Audacity. Audacity is a single for increased aggression and replaces itself with a card, which is even better if it is a copy. Honestly, I don’t think I need Pongify and Rapid Hybridization. I have to give a shoutout to lonelyVoxel for noticing that my list isn’t playing Command Tower. I find my mistake to be hilarious because Command Tower is such an auto-include that I didn’t notice that I didn’t include it! That’s fine because I have a reason to get rid of Vineglimmer Snar. Don’t play Vineglimmer Snar.

    2.17.2023 - Phyrexia: All Will Be One - We aren’t infect, but I don’t let my memes by dreams

    Venerated Rotpriest is Ivy’s slimy, goopy best friend and probably the only infect/toxic card that this deck will play. At best, I might add Bloated Contaminater cause, like Rotpriest, is a self-contained good card that doesn’t need a lot of different support. One Rotpriest can slowly poison out an opponent. The thing is that this deck can make lots of Rotpriest, which stack with each other. After looking over the deck, I realized that I have Botanical Sanctum in the paper list, but not on the digital. An island is swapped for it. Veil of Summer is a good card that got cut for fun cards, I.E. Rotpriest. At some point, I might switch Tyvar's Stand with Snakeskin Veil.


    The Brother’s War doesn’t provide much, which was to be expected. Reliquary Tower is in because I don't want to restrict myself to seven cards once this deck gets going. Mirropool is ok and I just like the overall theme of copying. In reality, it frequently comes up short. Gaea's Gift is the only card from the new set that I immediately wanted to put in. You might be thinking; why didn’t you replace Snakeskin Veil with this? Does Gaea's Gift do everything Snakeskin Veil is doing and more? Yes, it is. However, there is one very important difference. Snakeskin Veil cost and Gaea's Gift cost . That makes a massive difference! For example, I can’t play Ivy safely with three mana with Gaea's Gift. However, I can with Snakeskin Veil. That means Ivy gets out quicker and that one turn can make a large difference in a tempo deck. Disdainful Stroke is good, but situational.


    Like Ivy, Gleeful Spellthief, I permanently borrowed some tech from r3spawnftw and added Esika's Chariot. After playing with Chariot for a while, I can tell you that it is very good. I wanted to lower the mana value of the deck and its interaction. Thus, Pongify is in over Amphin Mutineer. Yeah, Mutineer can be bounced and copied, but that almost never happens. There are better things to copy. Suspicious Stowaway   is good enough, but I wanted another enchantment, hopefully one that provides unblockability. Thus, Canopy Cover is in. At the same time, I wanted a creature that draws a card on hit so Sea-Dasher Octopus is in. Parcelbeast is awkward in this deck. Parcelbeast wants you to hold back the creature so you can tap it. I don’t want to do any of that. An Offer You Can't Refuse replaced Negate because it is cheaper and most of the time does the same thing. Just don’t use it early.


    This update is one of the major reason why I enjoy posting my lists online. I don’t know everything or every interaction. Sometimes, other users can confirm my thoughts or even completely re-route previous thinking. Shoutout and thank you to Calleb, user:CoarselyRefined, and lagotripha. Calleb suggested Second Harvest. At first, I didn’t think it was fitting for this deck. Though I understood that Second Harvest would double Ivy’s tokens, I thought the auras would enter the battlefield unattached, rendering them pointless. Boy, was I wrong! Per a judge, the tokens auras would enter the battlefield attached to a target of my choice. That’s dumb! All of this occurred while I was debating whether or not to add Cloudstone Curio. Here is the thing; I’ve played with this card more than I can count and can confirm that it indeed combos with a ham sandwich rather effectively. My sideways substitute was Hullbreaker Horror, a card that I haven't really played with, is a creature, and acted as a top end of this deck. However, I didn’t need any of that and Cloudstone Curio is just much better. Yes, Hullbreaker can bounce my opponents stuff, but I find that overwhelming them with Ivy’s value is just better. Thus, Cloudstone Curio and Second Harvest needed a spot in the deck. Now, what about the rest of the changes? To break open Cloudstone, I need more permanents. The spellslinger plan gets less appealing with the more permanent cards I need to add. Thus, this decks needs more enchantments and creatures and less instants and sorceries. So, I made the most painful cut Orvar, the All-Form. Orvar, the All-Form is everything this deck wants if I’m playing plenty of instants and sorceries. Most of the instants I use are defensive. Granted, I added more support specifically for Orvar, but Orvar isn’t as strong as Cloudstone. When Orvar goes out, most of the support goes out with it. As well, I had to remove the less viable humans to support mutate. At this point, the one that I’m most unsure about is Aether Channeler. I think that this is just a good card and will probably reappear at some point. Sawtusk Demolisher replaced Increasing Savagery because it provides similar power/toughness while adding trample and a mutate effect. Destiny Spinner, though it is a human, makes most of the deck uncounterable and is an enchantment herself. With more mutate, I wanted a hexproof threat, like Slippery Bogle or Gladecover Scout. Instead, I went with the big boy Thrun because he is much stickier than the previous drops mentioned.


    Gala Greeters was tested, but just didn’t work. Greeters doesn’t give me on turn three like Paradise Druid and Sanctum Weaver. Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth is an expensive land that isn’t needed, mainly because this deck leans . Until a better land comes out, I’m fine with just a basic Island. As well, I switched fetchlands so that I have a fetch that grabs Breeding Pool and Island. Irenicus' Vile Duplication is just better than Spark Double. Yes, Spark Double is another avenue to get a non-lengendary Ivy. However, Spark Double doesn’t trigger the busted cards, Vesuvan Duplimancy, Archmage Emeritus, and Orvar, the All-Form. For whatever reason, I completely missed the fact that Irenicus's Vile Duplication gives me a non-legendary Ivy when it targets a different creature, providing two tokens. Though it isn’t a land, Enter the Unknown pumps two creatures, ideally, and can make two extra land drops. Quandrix Command is here for another flexible spell that bounces, counters, pumps, or puts cards from the graveyard back in the deck. Here is the thing about Parallel Lives; it’s extra and not necessary for this type of token deck. At , Adrix and Nev, Twincasters is my preferred token doubler. Adrix and Nev, Twincasters is a creature, which makes a massive difference in this deck. See, it is much harder to protect enchantments than creatures. At this point, there are two spells that protect noncreature permanents, not counting counterspells. On the flipside, Adrix and Nev, Twincasters is easier to protect and easier to copy. Parallel Lives doesn’t directly push Ivy’s plan. Increasing Savagery does. Ideally, this is an additional 10 power for . Increasing Savagery works whether Ivy is on the field or not. Parallel Lives does not.


    There are some things that worked on paper but not in practice. Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath is a big beater that draws and ramps. However, there are better things that I could be doing at after testing. Astral Dragon is another one that seems good. Unfortunately, there aren’t many targets for Astral Dragon. When things like Rhystic Study or Parallel Lives are on the field then Astral Dragon is insane. Other than that, Astral Dragon doesn’t pull its weight like I would like. Kodama of the West Tree provides trample and ramp for modified creatures.Rapid Hybridization replaced Reality Shift for cheaper removal. March of Swirling Mists for more protection, especially against boardwipes. Eutropia the Twice-Favored is Uro’s replacement. Eutropia the Twice-Favored pumps a creature and provides flying and gets out of hand in multiples. Rancor doesn’t initially draw a card like Rune of Might, but it does return to hand. Because Rancor doesn’t go away, it can trigger Setessan Champion and Eutropia the Twice-Favored. Gala Greeters replaced Mirrox Box for ramp and another card that goes crazy in multiples. Prismatic Vista isn’t necessary. Temple of Mystery works just fine and provides scrying.


    I want almost every action to result in drawing cards. Setessan Champion, especially with Ivy on the field, will trigger twice per enchantment. As well, Sanctum Weaver provides large amounts of mana so that I can continuously play my cards. I like Rune of Might for trample. I wanted Helm of the Host to work, but it is outclassed by Vesuvan Duplimancy. Endurance is busted, but not necessary. Bala Ged Recovery   works just fine as another Eternal Witness and triggers magecraft. I think Clever Impersonator is good, as it can copy any permanent. However, I’m more concerned to pushing toward with my gameplan rather than copying something from my opponent that may or may not fit with what I’m doing.

    your text here


    Thank you for visiting. Any suggestions and +1s are greatly appreciated! I read every comment and try to reply back to everyone. This deck is constantly evolving and it’s great to have other people submitting their input.

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