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You thought it was Kinnan, but it was me, Koma!

Commander / EDH Clone Combo Control Creature Cheat GU (Simic) Infinite Combo Ramp



I wanted to build a simic deck based around Koma, Cosmos Serpent but he costs a ton of mana. My playgroup generally uses a ton of removal so high cost commanders are generally a no-go. I started thinking of the best ways to cheat him into play and I stumbled upon obscene shenanigans with Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy . So while Kinnan is truly the commander of this deck, he is just a means to an end to cheat Koma out into play and then overwhelm my opponents.

Do you like playing on everyone else's turns? I know I do.

This deck is still a work in progress so please comment. Sideboard and maybeboard are just there to organize my thoughts while building. Maybeboard are cards that I would most likely swap in depending on how it plays over time.


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