• This deck's title came along whilst playtesting against my wife. She played Grislebrand and gloated something fierce. I proceeded with a "yeah. That is real nifty. But, you know what it also is?... An artifact!"
    I then tapped Liquimetal Coating and proceeded to Smelt her prized demon. Cheapest bit of removal I ever did!
    This deck has a simple but brutal strategy: Turn your opponents' permanents into artifacts and then have your way with them.

    Since the deck's main wincon is the coating, and we only have 4 of them, it's not uncommon to mulligan a few times untill you have one. But don't worry, nearly everything else in the deck can mess with artifacts, so once you have one, or - heavens forbid - *two* out, you should have little trouble. For those times when the coating is a late show, the deck packs a good deal of cheap critters, for early blocking, and since most decks use, at least, a few artifacts or enchantments, our hyper-specialized forces are rarely complete duds.

If you liked the deck, do consider giving it a +1, and do tell me if you did, so I can thank you properly ;) Stay frosty!


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