The aim of the deck is to combo off ASAP, using Proteus Staff to stack your deck. The way you stack is as follows: 1,2 should be Show and Tell and Omniscience IF you already have a cantrip in hand, which is quite likely (with no cantrip in hand, you should get Gush and move one of the two to the third spot). Number 3 can either be Treasure Hunt or Enter the Infinite . If Treasure Hunt , you will need to stack all your lands as number 4-however many lands are left in the deck. The first card after the lands should either be Attunement or Tolarian Winds . If you are able to get Enter the Infinite , then the rest of the order doesn't matter much, assuming everything resolves. There is a high density of free/cheap counterspells for protection, and cantrips plus tutors to draw you into what you need. After you are set up, winning should be quite easy, with multiple ways to win the game. The easiest is to simply draw your deck and win via the new Jace. Wielder of Mysteries since Laboratory Maniac is disruptive for stacking the library.

How does this work? In just a few simple steps, I'll explain.

  • Have Fblthp and Proteus Staff in play, and 6 available mana. This can be achieved easily on turn 4, or sooner with crazy ramp. For a turn 4 win, any one of Sol Ring , Mana Vault , Mana Crypt , or High Tide are needed.
  • Use 3 of your 6 mana to activate Proteus Staff , targeting Fblthp. It goes on the bottom of your library, and you reveal until you hit him again since there are no other creatures in the deck. You may now put the rest of your library back on the bottom in any order, essentially stacking the deck. Do so in the above described order.
  • Fblthp will trigger, drawing Show and Tell and Omniscience . If you already had one of these two prior to using the staff, then either Treasure Hunt or Enter the Infinite should take its place to negate needing a cantrip in hand.
  • Cast Show and Tell
  • Put into play Omniscience .
  • Cantrip into the next card that will eventually draw your library, and win!


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