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Yorvo's Forest Preserve - Primer

Commander / EDH* Mono-Green


Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig Primer.

Primer with two-part dedication: Create tokens and beef them up with anthems.

Lots of win conditions; Lots of removal.


NOTE: I use to run Lux Cannon , but after some consideration and play testing I came to realize it's a bit too slow and has limited application with it's once-every-three turns. While yes having Doubling Season in play with it will definitely help out, it's by no means nearly as effective as Steel Hellkite . While it is true that SH is easier to remove since it's a creature, it's also a lot faster and hits a wider slice of the board. He won't receive a decent chunk of my anthems, but he will benefit from things such as Pathbreaker Ibex , Dragon Throne of Tarkir , and Triumph of the Horde.

UPDATE: Replaced Harmonize with The Great Henge .

UPDATE: I am thinking of dropping Anthems down from 9 to maybe 4 / 5. I could probably cut out Doubling Season as well, since I do not always get my Planeswalkers out. Since it is not a Superfriends deck, the interaction is seldom there. I think I am solid on my Draw, Protection & Removal. I can most likely remove 1 or 2 under Tokens. Any cards I remove will be replaced with ramp - be it in land tutors or stones. Suggestions are welcome as to which cards are the best to remove and what are the best to add.


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