This deck has been with me for quite some time. This is the send off that I decided I wanted for this deck as I sell it off to a friend of mine. Opal Eye's has been a ton of fun to play and learn as a player from. Being able to control the field with a ton of soft locks in a build that shouldn't of even been THAT good.

Many people say that the pilot makes the deck good. While I agree with this, I feel that we can learn from our decks as well and become better magic players. As I leave Opal-Eye, Konda's Yojimbo in the past, I turn to bringing new decks to light. Many of you by now know of my Elsha of the Infinite deck list, and I will continue to work on her, while bringing another variant of Opal Eyes to life without Opal Eye as my commander.

Opal Eye's has been a really fun deck to play and get to see go off and win games and even lose games that it should've won. This deck truly shows that Mono-White can step up to bat against a multitude of other decks even multi-colored decks. So this final send off for Yojimbo, means the era of a new prison deck being built to keep theme of what this deck wanted to do.

Thank you to those that enjoyed Yojimbo, and even those that have built this deck to the potential that I put it at!

We send off Opal Eyes with the thank you for the hundreds of games that it played and the games that it won and lost.

Thank you Opal-Eye, Konda's Yojimbo and goodbye.

Yojimbo is imposing sanctions upon the world. This deck is mono white enchantress. As you can tell, our commander has Defender, so we won't be winning by commander damage.

So now lets discuss this deck.

I call it the Trump deck. It hates on EVERY color in the magic color wheel. We don't use tutors, so we are breaking the will of our opponents by just having damage go straight to our commander (Who usually has Spirit Mantle equipped to him.) So we can go off and keep all damage off of us. We run 3 board wipes in this deck to be able to deal with people.

Helm of Obedience + Rest in Peace will be our main wincon in this deck. Lets get that out there. However, Serra the Benevolent + Sigil of the Empty Throne will do some real work for us in the long game.

Skull of Orm is our best friend really in this deck. It recurs our enchantments to our hand and then we can cast them to get Sigil of the Empty Throne triggers just for casting? NICE.

Reverence stops those pesky little creatures from coming after us so we can prepare Opal Eye for combat.

With the emergence of Feather, the Redeemed we keep cards like Standard Bearer in this deck to make sure that Feather never gets to do his thing. Make them waste a Path to Exile on a flag bearer.

Wombo Combos

Force Bubble + Solemnity

Delaying Shield + Solemnity

Both of these work the same way as they prevent all damage done to us period, but do not prevent loss of life.


Updates Add

The most recent changes to this deck will most likely be my last. We introduced a section in the primer which is dedicated to the commander. As this deck rotates out of my builds, we begin to build up more and more towards new decks and another shot at a prison set up.

While this decks new owner is in my meta, it does not mean that I won't continue to upgrade on this deck as its part of our agreement of the sale.

So goodbye Opal Eyes.


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