Very rewarding/punishing to play. Playing Storm makes you a threat at all points in the game.

Yidris is the secondary plan to doomsday, and having him in the command zone allows for the pilot to keep ramp heavy hands as you can sandbag a signet/ponder to gain value after he swings.

Played over other the storm commanders, Jeleva/Zur/Kess, because Yidris is a must answer win condition, who offers you access to green and the ability to play powerful no cmc cards.

If you're meta is heavy in permission--every other deck you expect to play against is playing six plus counterspells--cards like abrupt decay and vandal blast can be switched out for duress/actual counterspell. Adding more than those two is fine, but stay away from one/zero mana counters as they make your Yidris cascades far less efficient.

You will end up taking ten minute plus turns.

Happy storming.

Alright, I'm going to address this topic briefly because I see a ton of misinformation about it--a lot of people say things like: Oh yeah you can totally play storm on a budget by doing these stratagies!

For whatever reasons--maybe they want to intice You into the format, maybe the power level they play in is underpowered--they are telling You dangerous lies.

Dangerous because Magic has stopped being a hobby, and is now monetarily closer to a heroin addiction.

Unfortunately, storm on a budget is not a realistic possibility. Storm, as an archetype, is about a deck opperating as a single whole; the idea behind it is every card synergiezes with the others, making the deck robust, powerful, and always a threat.

Other decks usually only really lose speed/some consistency when they're budgeted. Storm is not like a Hulk deck where, for the deck to function, you only need Flash/Hulk/The-Way-You-Win and the deck around it can vary without stripping the consistency of your winconditions. It's not like Teferi, where you only need Teferi and Chainvale--Pendervale and Moxen make the deck better, but you can function well without them, not Prossh or Tazari where you need Foodchain and some irrelevant 10 cent creatures that win the game.

When storm is missing components, it retracts from everything the deck does. Not having Candelabra makes Hightide Synergies much worse. Not having ABOR Duels makes DD and Gush nearly impossible. Not having LED stops you from making manaless DD piles and Yawgmoth's Will/Mind's Desire become significantly weaker. Missing Timetwister makes it necessary for you to play thick cards like Past In Flames which detract from Ad Naus' ability to win. Not having fast mana/LED leads to Mind's Desireing for lethal an uphill battle, and main phase Ad Naus a fantasy. The worst part about all of this thoug, is Paradoxical Outcome stops being a relevant card (because who the fuck doesn't want to return their artifacts, play their artifacts, add 6 storm, and draw 5 cards).

There are too many moving pieces within the deck for it to function successfully if it's gutted, and You deserve to know this before you decide to jump into storm.

If you are unable/unwilling to spend money to get all the cards (and I can't blame you--this pile of cardboard is upwards of 11 grand), you should pivot into one of the other branches of combo. If you're set on playing Grixis or Sans White on a budget, you should focus on more money-effiecent ways of winning the game. This means playing win conditions like the Sceptar/Iso Combo, Wheel/Thief, and not DD/Mind's Desire/Ad Naus (You should still play Ad Naus, just never ever on your own turn).

This story becomes a little different if You and the rest of playgroup are powering up (and you intend get nearly all the cards--and I mean nearly all [missing a Timetwister isn't going to kill you]) and everyone is grinding toward a cEDH powerlevel. But if you are jumping into the format feetfirst cause your friends already play it, I advise you to do some research and ask yourself if storm is right for you.

Probably call a doctor if a Mind's Desire has got you going for more than 6 hours though.

Hope this helped.


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